India’s First All-Women Food Truck Is Now Running!

We’re all up for the food truck culture here in India and this is something new! Welcome India’s very first food truck with an all-women army started in Bangalore by Chef Archana Singh. Seventh Sin is a project aiming at bringing women to elevate their hobby of cooking to a profession.

First Things First

Seventh Sin offers ‘Glocal’ food, which is globally inspired food with an Indian twist. The menu screams fusion with items like biryani risotto, aloo tikki hotdogs, chicken tikka pasta and paan-infused cheesecake.

On all six days, the truck is usually taking rounds around the tech-parks, communities, colleges and on request, the truck travels to you as well! On the seventh day, they distribute free food to the disadvantaged and underprivileged. Their fresh and unique concept is what’s making us do a Chef-inspired truck ourselves.

What Else?

It’s been only 2 months and they’ve got a phenomenal response from everyone in town. They’re planning to open up 2-3 more trucks in Hyderabad, Chennai in the next few months but also bring in this concept of food trucks in smaller cities. They’re partnering with non-government foundations, collaborating with women from all socio-economic backgrounds, boosting employment opportunities for women, training and bringing in some delicious food. What’s not to love?

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Seventh Sin Hospitality Services

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