Indian Nachos Canapés With A Bag Of Cornitos When Your Late Afternoon Snacking Strikes

Indian nacho canapé recipe

There’s nothing more annoying when the snack monster strikes and the fridge is empty. If you want a fuller meal with something truly snacky, then pop open a bag of Cornitos and add these for an Indian nacho canapé recipe. 


1 Pack of Cornitos Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion flavour Nachos

50 g Sprouted Seeds

50g Chopped Onion

50g Diced Tomatoes

50g Grated Cheese

50 g Sweet Corn

50 g Cornitos Sliced Jalapeno

50g Fresh Parsley

50g Cornitos Pineapple Salsa

50g Cheese Jalapeno Dip

50g sliced Red and Yellow Bell pepper

Black Pepper according to taste

2 spoons of Lime Juice

Salt according to taste

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Arrange Cornitos Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion Nachoson a platter

Top each Cornitos Nachosseparately with different ingredient combinations as per choice

Season it by adding slight salt and pepper according to taste

Add Cornitos Pineapple Salsa or Cheese Jalapeno Dip on top

Serve after garnishing.

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