10 Awesome But Weird Food Combinations From The 90s That You Might Have Forgotten

Indian food combinations from the 90s

How many times have you had to improvise when you barely had any food at home? Some combinations never get old and we still fondly remember those times when aloo bhujia and ketchup were the only available option. These weird Indian food combinations from the 90s will surely take you on a trip down memory lane, and they might even make you want to reach out for that jam jar or ketchup bottle again!

1. Doodh Cola

You may think of this as an incredibly weird combination, but it tastes great! Add a few ice cubes and mix it all together to get the most refreshing drink ever. Apparently, there’s this restaurant in Kolkata that makes it as well and it is quite the popular item there. 

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2. Banana Chips & Nutella


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

You know how bananas and Nutella just go so well together? Well, banana chips deep fried in coconut oil are just something else when had with Nutella. They’re crunchy and the hazelnut spread just brings it all together. So delish!

3. Bhujia With Bread & Ketchup

How many times have you scrounged into the depths of your deepest kitchen shelves looking for something to silence that rumbling tummy? You know that Aloo Bhujia has always come to your rescue. And not just any kind; the one from Haldiram’s is still the best! We’ve mixed it with ketchup, and at times, with sweet chilli sauce, and spread the whole thing on bread. It really is the perfect snack for the broke/lazy person.

4. Banana Slices & Toasted Bread

Now we know that this is something that you will probably be too skittish to try at this point of time in your life, but believe us when we say that it tastes pretty damn delicious. Honest to god! It’s mushy on the inside, and crunchy and crisp on the outside. We’re just going to go make some of these right away.

5. Parle-G & Cold Water

parle g

Photo Courtesy Of: Parle-G

Some of us still dip our biscuits in chai. Parle-G dipped in cold water may not do much to enhance what it tastes like, but it does make it the perfect amount of moist. Plus, it just makes it easier to eat. After all, “G maane genius”.

6. Coca Cola & Lays Sour Cream & Onion

If you’ve ever had those class parties in school for literally every imaginable occasion, you’d know what this is. There’s always that one kid who does these weird things and then it catches on. As is the case with Parle G and water, this too basically moistens your potato chips. Can’t say that we haven’t revisited this recently.

7. Kurkure & Cheese Spread

Indian Food Combination From The 90s

Photo Courtesy Of: Kurkure

Now, Kurkure can taste a little boring all by itself, so we’ve all improvised one way or the other. Kurkure and melted cheese or that yummy pepper cheese spread have to be one of our favourite combinations! Even the idea just sounds right. If you haven’t tried this as a child, you’ve missed out on a lot. But, fear not! Neither has Kurkure become obsolete nor has cheese spread. All you need to do now is pick them both up and have at them!

8. Monaco Biscuits & Ketchup

It’s the classic treat no matter what time of the day it may be, and many of us still relish it with the same fervour. It’s rescued those after school hunger pangs, and that namkeen snack that we’ve needed with cups of chai on gloomy winter evenings. It is pretty much what we’ve all had as children along with a little bit of added Amul cheese. 

9. Butter & Sugar On Bread

This is so underrated. This tastes great with both toasted and plain bread. It feels sinful to have this because of the generous amounts of butter that we end up slathering on bread, and following it up with all that sugar. It really is a heart attack waiting to happen, but we love it all the same.

10. Roti & Jam

Indian Food Combination From The 90s

Photo Courtesy Of: Kissan

It’s what our moms used to make when she didn’t have the time or lacked the patience trying to think up of new and innovative foods to put in our tiffin boxes for our ever demanding and finicky taste buds. Jam rolls are still what we end up having on Monday mornings when we just have a few minutes to spare for packing a quick snack.

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