Our Love For Ichiban: An Ode To The Most Underrated Restaurant At Pandara Road

Ichiban at Pandara Road

What do you do when you want to have Asian delicacies in Central Delhi? Head to Khan Market or Connaught Place. Not anymore. Heard of the restaurants at Pandara Road? Well, there is a hidden gem in the form of a Pan-Asian restaurant, Ichiban at Pandara Road, which has been serving customers Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine for the last 20 years. Though it has been serving authentic Asian Cuisine for 2 decades, the taste and the quality has never been compromised.

And that is exactly why we are writing this ode to Ichiban, which continues to win our hearts over with its service, ambience and most of all, food! Remember when your dad drove into the spot and you knew that good times were ahead? That is exactly the feeling Ichiban has been doling out to kids, teenagers and adults alike. 

What’s It Like

It’s always delight turning up to this piece of heaven on Earth. You enter and realise that is not a huge place. The aisle is barely enough for two people to walk across. But as soon as you sit down, it is evident that they focus more on seating comfort than on walking space. You feel a little claustrophobic at first and can forgive all of this as soon as you dive into your first bite!

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The Famous Food

The food here is such it never disappoints you and leaves you wanting for more. The best dish, hands down, has to be the Bar-Be-Que Juicy Spare Ribs. They are oh-so-good! You can feel the black pepper sauce in every bite with all the right juices oozing out of those delicious ribs. It is enlisted as an appetiser on the menu but can very well be their flagship offering. You can order these without a second thought and never be disappointed!

Not widely known, but people who have been there even once swear by it! With each recurring visit, its customers become more loyal to the restaurant. Doesn’t that say something about how good the food here is? I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the experience is, and I write for a living!

What Not To Miss

The best part is the table mats. They have a print of the Chinese Zodiac signs. Each of those Zodiacs is categorised according to years and named after an animal, which further has an explanation to them, identifying zodiacs are the most compatible with each other. It’s great fun to read each of them and analyse the peeps with you while you wait for your food to arrive.

Other things not to miss here are Chicken Pepper Salt, Talumien Soup, Khao Suey with your choice of Noodles and Fried Rice. So who else has our immense love for this iconic Asian shop?

Feature Photo Courtesy Of: Ichiban at Pandara Road

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