5 Handy Tips To Prevent Hangovers When You KNOW You’ll Be Drinking Shamelessly

How To Cure A Hangover

They say prevention is better than cure. We believe it’s true with hangovers too. Why should you go through that throbbing pain in your head and feel like a zombie the next day, when you can enjoy both the night and the morning? So here’s how to cure a hangover before it even begins. 

1. Order A Burger Before a Salad

The severity of alcohol is in direct proportion to how much to metabolise alcohol. For this, it’s important that you eat a meal that is full of carbs, protein and fat before taking your first sip of alcohol. The most readily available solution is a cheese burger and fries. However, you can choose other options too. 

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2. LIVitup!

Livitup For Hangover Cures

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This is a miracle pill that aborts hangover before it even starts spreading in your body. It is made of Ayurveda and comes in three super cool packs of green. According to the doctor’s prescription, you have to take one or two pills before your first drink. 

3. Skip Smoking 

Researchers have concluded that when you drink heavily and smoke at the same time, the intensity of hangover manifolds. Of course, it’s very tempting to take a puff here and there, but if avoiding it can keep you happier the next morning then why not? 

4. Drink Plenty of Water 

Alcohol is diuretic and so it dehydrates the body to a whole new level. If you drink a bottle of water before drinking, then the chances of getting hungover becomes very slim. You’ll also feel fuller and this will make you drink in moderation. And needless to say, your washroom visits will become more frequent. 

5. Choose Juice Over Soda 

Fruit and vegetable juices have way more vitamins and minerals as compared to soda. So when you mix your drink with these elixirs, your body has more energy to fight through the hangover demons the morning after. 

So now that you know how to prevent a hangover, you don’t have to avoid social drinking at all. 

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