This Hotel In Tamil Nadu Is Helping Those Who Don’t Have Cash To Pay

While demonetisation has affected many, a restaurant in Tirunelveli has stepped up in these stressful times to reach out to its customers by offering food that they can pay for later, or for free.

First Things First

Hotel Sri Balaji, situated on the Tirunelveli RTO premises at NGO Colony in Tamil Nadu, put a board outside the restaurant from Wednesday onwards that stated that customers could have food even if they don’t have the money. This came as a surprise to the people living in the locality who’ve been struggling to get lower denominations.


Sri Balaji is a fairly new restaurant that opened only a few years ago, and they’ve been doing good business with a loyal customer base. After the government announced the ban on 500 and 1000 Rupee notes, they stopped accepting them.

The management realised that their customers started going away when they were unable to pay for food. So they decided to let their customers pay if they could (with smaller denomination notes, of course), or they could pay them later if they couldn’t. They say that it’s not a huge deal even if they don’t come back to pay.

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Photos Courtesy Of: Hotel Sri Balaji

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