All American Diner Is Having A Fab Hot Dog Festival & Here Are 5 Hottest Dogs You Can Try

Hot Dog Festival At All American Diner

All American Diner has been one of my childhood hangout spots that still doesn’t fail to impress. A restaurant that has left a mark on Delhi’s food scene for well over two decades, this restaurant at Indian Habitat Centre is one of the earlier ones to introduce Indians to the American cuisine. And now they’re bringing a Hot Dog Festival at All American Diner.

When the country was just waking up to the concept of enjoying the American Burger, All American Diner was serving a full spread of waffles, shakes, burgers and hot dogs. Not only has the flavour profile remained American, even the restaurant has remained typically so. With vinyl sofas, posters on the wall and the big counter in the centre, the only thing missing is the big aunt Betsy serving out your ham and eggs.

Now, iconic restaurants are made due to their iconic dishes. The All American Diner is known for its hot dogs and the dogs are so famous that their Hot Dog festival is running for its 15th year. We sampled out some of these and absolutely fell in love with them.  Here is a small peak into this Hot Dog Festival at All American Diner:

1. Jerk Chicken Dog 

Jerk Chicken is one of my favourite Caribbean preparations. The sweetness and the spice of the Jerk sauce always makes me fall in love with it. It is a similar love here as the mango sauce acts in perfect unison with the Chicken Frankfurter. It is all laid out in a crispy flaky laminated dough which allows for an mixture of crisp and gooey textures.

Pay INR 365

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2. Smoked Cheese Dog

Another ‘dog which takes the laminated dough to all new level altogether. The smoked cheese gives it a beautifully textured flavour. The addition of the chicken ham and Ranchero sauce adds layers of umami flavour to the dog.

Pay INR 385

3. Trio Mushroom Hot Dog

The Trio Mushroom Hot Dog is an explosion of ground, earthy flavours. The creamy mushrooms creates a beautiful array of flavours upon my palate.

Pay INR 375

4. Kansas City Dogs

The sweetness of barbeque sauce, shredded pork, home-made pickle and spring onions lashes across the flavour of the potato bun.

Pay INR 375

5. Grilled Veg Couscous Dog

Let’s get in something for the vegetarians too. The tanginess of the couscous contrasts with the olive bun is something that every vegetarian should definitely try out.

Pay INR 305

The Hot Dog festival at the All American Diner, India Habitat Centre is something that you must try to experience some authentic American fast food flavours. There is also a plate of Sampler Hot Dog  (INR 520) which gives you a small taste from across the board.

Price for 2: INR 1000

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

This article first appeared on Salt & Sandals by Sudipto De. Read more by him here

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