Holy Smoke’s 5 Juiciest Slider Recipes You Can Fix In A Jiff

In order to crack the best slider recipes, we met up with the chef and owner of our favourite BBQ and grill, Holy Smoke. Rohan Jaina, 29, started his dream project after quitting his fancy corporate job three years ago. He believes in sourcing free-range, grass-fed meats for his dishes, and has tied up with many organic farms across the country to get the freshest stuff.

Rohan gives us a comprehensive lowdown on his five favourite slider recipes from Holy Smoke, and how to get them just right.

1. Magic Mushrooms

If you’re a sucker for those umami-rich shrooms, you’re going dig this one.


Made with a hot and tangy medley of Habanero sauce, chipotle powder and tomato taste, Magic Mushroom is a saucy delight! Simply sauté all the ingredients together (use button mushrooms here), prepare a toasted bun, top it up with the saucy mushroom mix and finish it off with Swiss cheese. Voila!

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2. The Porky

Soft and succulent pulled pork (on the bed of house slaw, drizzled with BBQ sauce) makes for one hell of a Porky slider. The ideal meat cut for pulled pork is the shoulder or butt of the pig.


The pork shoulder is first brined for 24 hours in a brining liquid of cold water, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, bay leaf, peppercorn and garlic. It is then braised in stock in a pressure cooker for three hours. “The pressure cooker technique of braising the meat is fast and gives us the desired result,” says Rohan.

Once the pork is braised, you apply the secret dry rub (their dry rub recipe includes an intense combination of garlic powder, onion powder, rock salt, mustard powder, hot paprika, celery salt, cayenne pepper and more), drizzle some apple juice, cover it in foil and smoke it in the oven with hickory and apple wood (for seven hours)! Once done, remove the bone, and separate the juicy cooked pork into threads using your hands. “We serve our Porky with a no-cream slaw; simply cabbage, onion, carrots and apple cider vinegar. This is also the classic Louisiana slaw,” he says, but you can use your own fave recipe too!

3. The One

Typically made of tenderloin brisket (chest or lower chest cut of the meat), you could also use lamb here.


“A burger or slider cannot be legit until it has a good ratio of animal fat, so in case of The One we use 60:40 (meat:fat ratio) to get the patty just about right,” says Rohan. They also like to top this off with crispy bacon, mustard and homemade ketchup.

4. Eggs Benedict

This quintessential breakfast slider is incredibly easy to make.


The magical play of the creamy and silky egg sauce called hollandaise, lightly toasted brioche bun, herb poached egg (your choice of herb, of course) and spiced maple syrup makes this one an ultimate breakfast champion.

5. Stoner

True to its name, the stoner is our favourite go-to for them sugary munchies.


The base of a brioche bun is smeared with silky peanut butter ganache, topped with chopped marshmallow, to be finally drizzled with the heavenly dose of liquid marshmallow cream! It’s sinful, decadent and highly addictive; order and make at your own risk.


We are pretty bowled over with the sliders at Holy Smoke but we’re also making our way there for all the other meaty goodness. While some of the signature dishes on his menu remain—like Rohan’s trademark bacon jam, 23 types of sliders, lamb shanks, pork ribs and more—he also likes to add unusual seasonal stuff to his daily specials menu. Think soft-shell crabs that taste of the sea (I promise I haven’t eaten these anywhere else in Delhi before), Goan choriz, eel and fresh scallops all the way from Vishakhapatnam. See you there?


Photos Courtesy Of: Azra Sadr


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