What Even Is A Hindu Or A Muslim Meal On Air India Flights?

Hindu And Muslim Meals On Air India Flights

Now that Air India has gone all vegetarian, they’re serving meals according to dietary preferences, age, and even religion. Now it’s no more just veg and non-veg meals, you pick between Hindu and Muslim meals on Air India flights.

Hindu And Muslim Meals On Air India Flights

They have many options to pick from depending on your food allergies and dietary preferences. They have a fruit platter, a vegan meal, a Jain meal, a lacto-ovo meal, a kosher meal, a meal for those who are gluten intolerant and a meal for those who are diabetic, among others. On this list are also Jain, Hindu and Muslim meals as well.

Hindu And Muslim Meals On Air India Flights

It is understood that Jain meals pertain to the no-onion-no-garlic diet because that has been the norm for many years. But segregating vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ meals seems rather insensitive. What happens if a Hindu wants to get a Muslim meal or vice versa? Will they be judged for doing so? Will they come under scrutiny for choosing the meal that has meat in it? These are questions that we may never have answers to.

This segregation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals by terming them as Hindu and Muslim meals is appalling and should be done away with. After all, we’re in 2017 now, and these things only make us more regressive, instead of being the other way around.

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