Donut Roll Cigars & Tea-Lollipops At This Food Studio In G-Town Have Us Drooling! WUT

Hey Pulp! At Gurgaon

We all know that food is an art, right? It takes a certain amount of skills and a creative bend to be able to make food look beautiful and make it tasty as well. Delhi NCR has been blessed with one such talented food studio and we’re definitely going gaga over them. Here’s all you need to know about Hey Pulp! at Gurgaon.

Hey Pulp! At Gurgaon Mixes Food With Art

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Hey Pulp! At Gurgaon

Photo Courtesy Of: Hey Pulp!

Hey Pulp is a four month old food studio that has been inventing magic with food. They’ve been magnificently combining food with design and have been successfully proving their expertise in culinary art. Since their inception, they’ve put up stalls at Gurgaon’s much loved coffee shop i.e. Di Ghent Cafe at the Cross Point Mall. They make tea flavoured lollipops and doughnut rolls that literally look like colorful cigars. Not only this, they make jams in flavours like orange and fig marmalade, mango pineapples chilli, kiwi banana amongst others.

Now that you know that these amazing foodie concoctions exists, won’t you go and try them? 

Head to Di Ghent Cafe,

Pay INR 400 for two people (approx)

Explore Hey Pulp! 

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Hey Pulp!


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