Hauz Khas Village Could Shut Down Post 3rd September As 49 Restaurants Are Running Without Licenses

Hauz Khas Village Shut Down

Hauz Khas Village is in the peril of having a fire break out and that is as much what the Delhi High Court told the South Delhi Municipal Corporation according to the Indian Express: “You cannot wait for a fire to break out (at Hauz Khas Village) and then say right to life is threatened.” So is a Hauz Khas Village shut down going to take place?

Hauz Khas Village Shut Down?

The bench mentioned that a site plan by SDMC needs to provide the “width of the street, location of the restaurants as well as positioning of the exits of the restaurants, besides a comparative list of permissible and actual number of used properties.” And this will come in three days. This inspection is going to decide the future of HKV as we know it. 

The Indian Express reported that the inspection started on Tuesday and should be completed by September 3. The next date of hearing is September 5. “Highlighting the “extremely serious issue” and “grave danger to security”, the bench asked the counsel for SDMC “whether the area could be converted into a food hub at all”.” It seems the fire service rules and other combative action plans for the locality will be perused yet again.

The right to do business comes directly in conflict here with the protection to life and property. And we sit with bated breath to see how this pans out. 

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What You Need To Know

The IE reported that, “A status report submitted by the SDMC said that of the 63 restaurants and eateries operating in Haus Khas Village, 49 were found to be operating without health trade licenses.” So well, that doesn’t sound like a clean chit of bill. So hey, while HKV is hella overrated, it would not be nice that it gets shut down by officials. Stay tuned for Sep 3 then, eh?

Read the full report by The Indian Express here.

Photo Courtesy Of: Ashish Kaushik via Trip Advisor

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