The Grub Fest Is Back! And Here’s What We Can Expect This Time

The Grub Fest

Back for it’s fourth edition, The Grub Fest is here and we can’t wait till October for this festival. So get ready with your spoons and forks to dig into the goodies at this wonder! But…

First Things First

It’s happening on 14, 15 and 16 October at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, same as last time. While we aren’t super sure whether they are redoing the extremely Instagram-able rainbow tree or pretty lights, here’s what we do know.

More than 80 restaurants are turning up for this food fest and we aren’t even hype-ing the mania that this is going to be. There will be fantastic live artists setting the pace to your journey. Look forward to the gourmet products and eclectic cuisines that #TheGrubFest will have on offer.

Are you coming? Keep an eye out here.

Photo Courtesy Of: The Grub Fest


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