Enjoy Deep Fried Bhature With Chole & Spicy Achaar At This Hidden Rohini Joint

Gopal Ji's Chole Bhature

There are few eateries in Delhi that continue to maintain their authentic taste, one generation after the other. When it comes to Delhi’s favourite Punjabi dish- chole bhature, there are only a few places in the city which have mastered the original taste and one of them is Shree Gopal Ji in Rohini. If you stay in or near Rohini, then you may already know about Gopal Ji’s Chole Bhature as this place has been serving some delicious stuff for many years and if not, you must head out to try it. 

Gopal Ji’s Chole Bhature

If chole bhature is your one true love then, you are in for a treat. We recently discovered a gem on the streets of Rohini where you can gorge on the most delicious and spicy Chole Bhature. The bhaturas from Shree Gopal Ji are crispy and the cholas are as spicy as it gets. 

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How’s It Made? 


They serve the spiciest Chole Bhaturas in town| Photo Courtesy Of: gillnisha via Pixabay

The dough of the bhaturas is made with a mix of suji (semolina), maida (white flour), dahi (yoghurt), namak (salt), cheeni (sugar), baking powder, and yeast. Though the bhaturas are deep fried but they are light and soft not very oily in comparison to others. The bhaturas are stuffed with paneer, ginger and coriander while the cholas are full of masala. When you see the sizzling golden bhatures rising from the hot oil in the kadahi, just can’t wait to dig into your plate of chole-bhature with the spicy achaar. They also offer some onions, chillies and mint chutney on the side. Plus, you can always ask for extra chole anytime. 

What Else? 

Besides their crispy Chole Bhaturas, they also offer the most delicious Chole Palak Chawal with raita. You will always find a bunch of people waiting for their chole palak chawal during lunch hours. One full plate makes for a meal and it is just for Rs 90. If you are here on the weekend, you will probably find a huge crowd eagerly waiting to get their hands on some hot chola bhaturas, especially for breakfast. So, whenever you in Rohini next and your belly craves for some delicious street food, head over to Shree Gopal Ji’s. 

Head ToFlat 148, Pocket 7, Rohini, New Delhi
Say hello at 011 27514512. 011 27514412
Pay INR200 for two (approx)
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