This Place Offers Over 65 Healthy Options To Help You Kick That Fast Food Habit

Gogourmet for healthy lunches

Trying to eat right at the workplace seems to be an impossible task. Who has time to worry about food with the stress of deadlines, targets and annoying colleagues over their heads. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could do our mealtime planning for us? And please make it healthy? Well, thankfully the food gods have heard your prayers. GoGourmet, with its outlets in DelhiGurgaon and Noida, are bringing more than 65 healthy and delicious options for your office meal. And they have a new outlet in Shahpur Jat which is now open and operational. Head to GoGourmet for healthy lunches and it’ll definitely help you kick that fast food habit for sure.

GoGourmet For Healthy Lunches


Photo Courtesy Of: GoGourmet

GoGourmet‘s food is the perfect answer to those who are trying to eat healthier but don’t want to eat drab and boring things. Their delicious offerings are exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, you could have an entire healthy meal at GoGourmet without having noticed it — from starters to mains to dessert.

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Meal Bowls At GoGourmet


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Firstly, we love their meal bowls, especially the Chicken Teriyaki Meal Bowl which is a Japanese inspired smoked chicken breast in a rice bowl marinated in teriyaki sauce.

Wraps At GoGourmet


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We’re also enamoured by the Falafel Wrap, with some wholesome falafel, hummus & veggies wrapped in a multigrain tortilla.

Salads At GoGourmet 

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Their salads too are to die for. Made from fresh ingredients, GoGourmet has found a way to make really nutritious meals tasty AF! We particularly recommend the Superfoods Salad which is antioxidant rich with chia and watermelon seeds, quinoa, almonds & pomegranates.

Desserts And Drinks At GoGourmet


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And to round it off, you can have some of the many drinks or desserts that GoGourmet offers. Try the Pineapple Parfait with crunchy granola at top, greek yogurt at its core and fresh pineapple to complete the base. The Earl Grey & Cranberry Ice Tea is Earl Grey with cranberry juice, sugar, lemon, rosemary and star aniseed. And their Vietnamese Cold Brew coffee is just perfectly light and refreshing. 


Photo Courtesy Of: GoGourmet

So the next time hunger strikes and you don’t know what to order, head on to and finally say goodbye to fast food, once and for all. 

Say hello at 1800 200 1313

Timings 8 AM to 11 PM

Pay INR 600 for two people (approx)

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