Hot Ghee-Soaked Sheermal, Tiny Tables & The Best Kebabs In Nizamuddin

Ghalib in Nizamuddin

Every Thursday, throngs of people visit the winding lanes of Nizamuddin to be able to connect with something magical. Under the shadow of the sufis, with a million hopes and prayers floating in the air along with the long undying notes of the quwwals, even the coldest hearts are forced to feel magic for a moment. To experience something truly divine. I, too, plan every week to go to Nizamuddin, but more often than not, I get distracted. And I end up finding my own magical and divine experience in a small kebab shop on the way to the dargah. Ghalib in Nizamuddin doesn’t just serve kebabs, they serve a plate full of heaven. 

A Plate Full Of Heaven At Ghalib In Nizamuddin

Ghalib in Nizamuddin

Photo Courtesy Of: Shashank Angiras

Traversing the tiny galis of Nizamuddin, you can find this tiny kebab shop on the way to the dargah. Don’t be fooled by the look of this shop, though. The place is the size of a largish bedroom, has ugly walls and while the tables are clean, they’re not easy to get into if you, like me, have what they call a dad-bod. They have outside seating, which is where I plonked myself. It might be cold in Delhi in December, but it’s very much worth it. And plus, you can always say hi to the neighbourhood goat who roams about sometimes. But that’s not what they’re about, they’re about making kebabs. And those kebabs are the most delicious I have had in South Delhi. 

These guys are about simplicity. They don’t do faff. They never have. Most of their energy goes into the deliciousness of the kebabs. And you can appreciate a simple single minded need to do what they do best. Their seekh kebabs are so soft, that they melt in your mouth with the slightest pressure. How they remain of a regular consistency and shape at other times is a miracle. But it is their tikkas that are really out of this world. The mutton tikkas don’t look or taste like your regular tandoor ke tikke. They’re really spicy and infused with a special masala mixture that unfolds in your mouth like a dramatic Bollywood film. You can also try their heavy, ghee soaked sheermals which you need a friend to help you finish. And for dessert, you can have a go at their phirni which isn’t all that bad either.

Ghalib in Nizamuddin

Photo Courtesy Of: Shashank Angiras

To be able to sit on a plastic chair outside in the biting Delhi cold while eating some mutton kebabs might not sound especially appealing. But at Ghalib, the simple act of eating, in its raw and delicious simplicity is undeniably beautiful. It’s not just an act of eating. It is food for the soul. 

Head to Ghalib Kebab Corner, Shop 57, Ghalib Road, Near Lal Mahal, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Timings 12 noon to 11:30 PM

Say hello at +91 9810786479

Pay Rs. 300 for two people (approx.) 

Feature Photo By: Shashank Angiras

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