10 Relaxing Weekend Getaways On The Outskirts Of Delhi, Just Under 2 Hours Away!

Getaways From Delhi Under 2 Hours

Tired of your 9-5 job or can’t think of what to do for your Summer vacations? It’s time for a little break and to relax on a quick getaway from Delhi. The Capital not only has a variety of picnic spots to drive to but also a lot of options for holidaying over the weekend. If you’re packing for a quick getaway, this ultimate list will clear all your doubts and give you getaways from Delhi under 2 hours.

1. Peepal Kothi

peepal kothi

Photo Courtesy Of: Peepal Kothi


Peepal Kothi is the perfect spot to just lounge and relax! It is barely half an hour away from Gurgaon. The place is ideal for your last minute plans. Far from dust and pollution, following the tenets of slow food movement, they provide wholesome food to their guests, both vegetarian and non-vegetarians by using the traditional cooking methods like coal and wood fire.The kothis and bungalow takes you back to 1930’s Punjab, reviving local food practices which contain the richness of local coarse grains like bajra, corn and jowar.

Head To The Peepal Kothi, Village Kota Khandewla, PO Hasanpur, Tehsil Tauru, District Mewat, Harayana
Say Hello 9650207467
Pay INR 8,000- 10,000 for Kothis, and INR 10,000-12,000 for Cottages ( approx.)
Explore Peepal Kothi
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2. Banni Khera Farms

banni khera farms

Picture Courtesy Of: Banni Khera Farms


Ever been to a village? Sleeping under the starry skies and riding a tractor can be extremely blissful. City life can get a little stressful, and so you must travel with your closest peeps to a place away from the city’s constant thrum of traffic. Switch off your phones and get your trip started. Banni Khera Farms are just two hours away from Delhi, near Rohtak (Haryana). Experience the rural life, bullock cart rides, chasing hens, and farming-related activities, pottery and a lot more. The best part of all of this, you’ll be served with freshly cooked village meals. Imagine fresh white butter all over your chapati! 

Head To Village – Samar Gopalpur Rohtak
Say Hello 9971225183
Pay INR 9,500 for the Haveli package, INR 3,500 for the package for tents (approx.)
Explore Banni Khera Farms 

 3. Anupama Mangar: The Jungle Retreat 

the jungle retreat

Picture Courtesy Of: Anupama Mangar: The Jungle Retreat

Anupama Dayal’s Mangar Valley is a treat to your senses. Designer Anupama Dayal’s boutique retreat is just one hour away from Delhi and makes for a peaceful getaway. The forest of Faridabad is a lot like falling into Alice’s rabbit hole. The place encourages you to disconnect from the world for a while and just enjoy! They do not have any TVs and nor do they plan to add any. The food here is prepared with local produce by the family chef with strong Indian flavours and spices, so expect organic and nutritious meals. Tea is also served here in the late evening. 

Head To Mangar Village, Camp Wild Road, Near Mangar Police Chowki, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, Faridabad, Haryana 
Say Hello +911126175393
Pay INR 7,500 for two ( approx.) 
Explore Anupama Mangar 

4. Thakran Farms 

thakran farms

Picture Courtesy Of: Thakran Farms


Thakran Farms is 19 acres of greenery with farm animals and beautiful cottages. They offer a bunch of activities and open-air dining. We know you want to do stuff on your vacations rather than just staying in your hotel room all day. Try your hand at warli painting, and ploughing in the fields to experience the typical village life. If you still have more time to kill, you can also enjoy the crazy mud bath or take cooking classes where you can discover the village’s culinary secrets. They provide you desi Indian food, prepared mostly on a chullah

Head To Thakran Farms Village Lohaka, Near Lokara Village, Pauatudi Tehsil 
Say Hello +911244277771
Pay INR 1,499 – 3,999 per person (approx.)
Explore Thakran Farms 

5. Surjivan Resort 


Picture Courtesy Of: Surjivan Resort 

Being surrounded by a canopy of trees can be very romantic and pleasant. With the cool breeze passing through, it is a lovely place to visit. You can do a number of activities here like learning the traditional ways of cooking, be it with an atta chakki or a sil batta. As the Summer season gets steadily hotter, beat the heat by relaxing by the poolside. The food here is a true treat for your taste buds. Your culinary journey will allow you to taste the organic raw material with a blend of secret herbs and spices. Overeating will happen, be warned. 

Head To Manesar, before IMT (NH-8),  Naurangpur Tauru Road, opposite Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon 
Say Hello 8506060606
Pay 7,000 – 8,500 ( approx) 
Explore Surjivan 

6. Heritage Village Resort 

heritage resort

Picture Courtesy Of: Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Heritage Village Resort and Spa is located on NH-8, it’s a 30 minutes drive from New Delhi’s International Airport. The resort integrates Rajasthani haveli-like architecture with modern facilities. They have different restaurants serving different types of cuisines with a variety interiors like Jharoka (with Mughal style interiors), Surya Mahal (a contemporary twist to traditional tastes), and they serve multi-cuisine delights. Bhangra beats and Baharhandi recreate the vibes of a dhaba with rural ways of dining. The wine cellar has an eclectic collection, and the tea lounge serves exotic tea from around the world.

Head To Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar NH-8 , Gurgaon
Say Hello 01242871500
Pay  INR 6,000 ( approx) 
Explore Heritage Village Resort 

7. Camp Wild Dhauj, Faridabad 

camp wild dhouj

Picture Courtesy Of: Camp Wild Dhauj


Set in the wilderness and remote areas, Camp Wild Dhauj offers adventurous activities. Experience a powerful programme with close interaction with the villagers and their way of living. They have culinary programmes offering street food, rural food, tandoor & grills and different cuisines. The food here is very healthy and delicious. The camp opens on the 16th of July. 

Head To Dhauj Bandh, Near Silakhari Village, Faridabad 
Say Hello 9999273336
Pay INR 2,000 – 4,000 per head ( approx) 
Explore Camp wild 

8. Tikli Bottom 

tikli bottom

Picture Courtesy Of: Tikli Bottom

Tikli Bottom is a modern-style haveli which runs as a private guest house. It has the characteristics of a hill station, and is almost surrounded by hills. It’s peaceful, quiet and most relaxing! You can even ask for a charpai, if you wish to sleep under the stars. There are a few things to do here like a local walk up to the hills, bird watching, photography, and a picnic day out to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. The food here has a local touch to it. You get a full 3-course meal and evening tea. The best time to visit the place is from October – April.

Head To Gairatpur Bas Village, Tikli, Gurgaon 
Say Hello 01242766556
Pay INR 300 – 1,750 for day visitors, INR 12,000 – 21,000 for full boarding (approx.)
Explore Tikli Bottom

9. Fort Unchagaon 

fort uncha gaon

Picture Courtesy Of: Fort Unchagaon


Preserving the rich and royal style of living from the 18th century, Fort Unchagaon has numerous traditional activities like dolphin sightseeing, horse and bullock cart rides, riding through the mango orchards by a tractor and a lot more. They have a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves amazing buffet. The kind of wide variety of food makes this place a must visit, at least once. Pack your bags and get ready for a royal treatment!

Head To Fort Unchagaon, Garh Mukteshwar Dist., Buland Sahar, Uttar Pradesh 
Say Hello +919999600365
Pay INR 8,000
Explore Fort Unchagaon 

10. Noor Mahal

noor mahal

Photo Courtesy Of: Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal is inspired by rich heritage and royalty created by Indian Maharajas. The hotel captures the authentic architecture of Mughal and Rajputana styles. They have an Indian speciality fine dining restaurant, a royal sports bar,  a 24-hour multi-cuisine coffee shop, a cake factory that’s offering handcrafted bread, and an exclusive open air restaurant. Get ready for a luxurious getaway!

Head To Noor Mahal Crossing, NH-1, Sector 32, Karnal, Haryana 
Say Hello 833066666
Pay INR 11,900
Explore Noor Mahal

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Noor Mahal

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