Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Diet Is For All Women Warriors Out There

The new Wonder Woman trailer is out and it is the stuff of our dreams. A strong woman taking situations by the horn is what we aspire to be and here we have a perfect model. So, we went a little deeper into this phenomenon and found out about the amount of effort and restraint when it comes to achieving that physical stature and immense power.

First Things First

According ENews, Gal Gadot sticks to a diet that is absolutely fire-rich and consumes fruits laden with nutrients. She also gives in to the occasional temptation of a cheeseburger but her workout regimen makes sure she intakes enough to withstand the heavy duty gym-action.

While soul-food is trending on Gadot’s food list, she also drinks a lot of water to keep hydrated. Her diet mantra though, remains,“Don’t eat while you drive and don’t eat when you talk on the phone.”

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