TERI Is Rating Restaurants On The Basis Of Best Utilisation Of Water

Increasing number of restaurants in the city also means escalated levels of wastage, for both water and food. While food wastage is being brought into the spotlight and restaurants are adapting new ways to utilise excess food, water wastage is not considered significant enough for taking action. And so some people are taking steps.

First Things First

Water conversation is extremely important and restaurants utilise more water than they should. While water leaks in itself are the cause of 35-40% excess use, simple fixtures and efficiency interventions can reduce the requirement by 50-60%.

TERI has come up with a five-star rating to help initiate the process and regulate the efficiency of water usage in restaurants. While the system takes into account multiple factors, including how much water the customers are served, we are sure it will be a boost for the environment (and hopefully for our homes and offices as well).

You can learn how to reduce wastage of food here. And the best way of reusing your waste is to upcycle it!

Read more about it in the full article here.

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