17 Orgasmic Food Trends That Made 2016 Totally Worth The Trouble

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2016 has been an interesting year with food trends that have really caught our imagination. From loaded fries, to sushi burritos and rainbow foods – we’ve compiled our picks for the biggest food trends from 2016 to draw the curtains on the year gone by, and usher in a new year full of surprises.

Food Bowls

Food bowls are taking the world by storm, and Delhi restaurants are not left very far behind. Fatty Bao, Burma Burma offer ramen bowls and it seems this trend has caught on. Smoothie bowls, Buddha Bowls, Acai and Poke bowls – the variety of food bowls is endless and we can’t get enough of them!

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Loaded Fries

Fries loaded with cheese, can there ever be a more perfect thing? Loaded cheesy fries have literally broken the internet. Where can you get them in Delhi? Potet – Delhi’s fries only place serves loaded fries!

Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are pretty, quirky, colourful and classy – all in one, and they trended on Instagram this year. These are the kind of food trends we love!

Donut cones

Donut Cones

Donut and ice-cream. Well, it can’t get any better than this, right? Donut cones took over the world in 2016. We’re still waiting to find them in Delhi. Who knows, maybe we might see some in 2017.

Sushi Burrito

Fusion trend alert! The Sushi Burrito is a Japanese-Mexican fusion, and a rather interesting collision of cuisines at that.

Mirror Cakes

Cakes glazed to perfection till they reflect the sheen of a mirror, Mirror Cakes took Instagram by storm this year.

Rainbow Food

Rainbow foods are healthy, appetising and oh-so-colourful! This healthy trend has found favour with many of us for being high on nutritional value, and a sight for sore eyes.

mexican desserts

Churro Loops

Mexican dessert anyone? 2016 saw Instagram trends like churro loops, stuffed churros, churro cones and churro ice cream sandwiches.

Marbled Desserts

You might’ve heard about marbled finish – but we also caught onto another ‘marbled’ trend on Instagram this year- Marbled Desserts. Yes, not just edible – they’re delicious! And they look so pretty!

Avocado Art

We loved this trend from 2016. Unconventional, and downright glorious avocado art made waves on Instagram this year.

Cauliflower Rice

Brown rice is old school and eating healthy is in, so came into picture: Cauliflower rice. A trend widely adopted by restaurants but also by people cooking at home, it gained popularity quickly. It has a beautiful texture and an actual flavour unlike plain rice, so win-win.


Matcha topped the food trends list this year. Chefs fell in love with this tea and it found its way to the menu of 5-star restaurants, dessert boutiques and even cafes. Matcha ice-cream was one the most sought after flavours this year.

Cookie Cups

What can we say, as soon as we saw these we had our heart set on them. A cookie shaped in a cup, layered with chocolate inside and filled with milk, happiness in one picture. Changing our christmas morning traditions, this how we will be taking our cookies and milk this year!

Golden Milk

While India has been enjoying the benefits of turmeric milk for centuries, the world finally caught up this year and put in a fancy name for it. Turmeric bulbs are widely available in the markets in winters, so go grab some and make a cup for yourself.

Freaky Milkshakes

Loaded things were raging this year and milkshakes caught this virus. Overloaded milkshakes became a real things and served in jars, topped with ice-cream, cakes, nuts and even cotton candy (we aren’t kidding) they are not easy to eat.



Cheese, cheese and more cheese! No year can go without a cheese trend, whether its fondue or raclette. A semi-hard cheese wheel is melted from top and served right on your plate. Oh, the gooeyness! Top it on anything, whether its meat, bread or vegetables we are in for the treat.

Drinks In Light bulbs

As if mason jars weren’t enough, we have been flooded with a large amount of cafes and restaurants serving drinks in lightbulbs. We don’t love or hate this trend but maybe it’s time to get the regular glasses back? But if you want to catch this trend, try the cocktails at The Yard.

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