6 Gruesome Food Crimes That Should Be Featured On Crime Patrol Today

food related crimes

Foodies are passionate people. The love they have for the food can sometimes be really intense. And sometimes it spills out in very dangerous ways. Which is why we hear of so many food related crimes in the news every other day. Sometimes it’s over food and sometimes it’s using it as a weapon. We decided to collect some of the weirdest food related crimes that will scare, shock, surprise and make you laugh out loud. 

1. This Guy Who Died Because He Made The Wrong Biryani

Biryani people are passionate people. During Holi 2018 in Nallasopara, Vinod Singh and his 4 friends were celebrating together. Vinod had told his friends that he would be making them some biryani. When they got back to his place, the friends realised that they didn’t want the mutton biryani that Vinod was making, instead asked him to make chicken biryani. Vinod refused and the drunk men got into an argument which resulted in Vinod’s murder. 

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2. This Boy Who Thought His Family Was A Pizza

In 2017, a 16-year-old boy killed his mother and sister in Greater Noida’s Gaur City with a pizza cutter because he was scolded and beaten up at home over a minor issue. He fled to Varanasi after committing the murder where was found by the police and brought back to Noida after which he confessed to the deed.

3. These Guys Who Would Do ANYTHING Just For Some Biryani

In Jan 2018, a group of men attacked an owner of a restaurant in Hyderabad when they didn’t get biryani. After the restaurant had closed down. After the hotel’s shutter was closed, some men entered from the rear entrance and started demanding biryani. When their request was rejected, one of the men started threatening the restaurant owner. Then they vandalised the shop and beat up the owner.

4. This Guy Who REALLY Hated Spicy Food

An East Delhi man, Subodh Kumar, hated spicy food so much that he killed his wife after she cooked it for him. While already a notorious wife beater, Kumar really lost it when his wife cooked some really spicy food, so he murdered her and then chopped off her head. EEK! 

5. This Guy Who Couldn’t Find A Bloody Microwave

Feroz Khan, a resident of Lahore’s Factory Area, had an massive argument with his wife Roshan Bibi because she served him cold food. This cold dinner enraged Mr. Khan so much that he went ahead and killed his wife. A microwave is much simpler and easier to explain in court. 

6. This Problem Over The Bill 

Earlier this year, a patron to a restaurant, Shakeer was killed in a fight between the staff. Shakeer and two others from Terpol village came to a dhaba located on the highway and got into a heated argument over payment of bill. The hotel staff, enraged, attacked the customers, resulting in the Shakeer’s death. The relatives of the deceased later attacked the hotel and destroyed the furniture.

So, these were some of the weird food related crimes that made us cringe and afraid to leave the windows in our rooms open at night, 

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