Kurkure Is Not Made Of Plastic & 6 Busted Myths That You Still Thought Were True

Food Myths In India

We as children were told a lot of lies related to food. Well some of them were myths, some were just lies like Santa being real, and tooth fairy leaving money for us under pillows. Read on to find out about the food myths in India that are totally false.

1. Chai Makes Your Complexion Darker: FALSE!

As kids, most of you must have heard this from your elders, but it’s false. Tea does no such thing. This myth/lie was probably created by them so that we as kids don’t drink too much tea as it contains caffeine and can be harmful for us.

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2. If You Swallow Gum, It Stays In Your Stomach Forever: FALSE!

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A childhood lie as big as Santa Claus, that if you swallow gum it can stay in your system for seven years or sometimes forever, is a LIE. In fact, gum can pass through your system as easily as any other food item. It’s probably not broken the same way other food items do, but eventually it will pass through your system.

3. Coke Can Dissolve A Tooth Overnight: FALSE!

One claim was that if you put a tooth in a glass of coke overnight, the tooth will completely dissolve. The idea that any soda can dissolve your teeth and must therefore damage our teeth if we drink it is nonsensical. It’s not like we hold drinks in our mouths for days, do we? For all the bubbly lovers, this myth is not true. 

4. Mentos + Coke = Death: FALSE!

The ‘warning’ is just a resurrected version of a very old hoax that first began circulating a few years ago. People say if you swallow mentos and gulp a few sips of coke, it leads to instant death, but this isn’t true. Mentos and coke together will create a rather spectacular chemical reaction and consuming the two together might cause a stomach upset but not death.

5. A Plant Will Grow In Your Stomach If You Swallow A Seed: FALSE!


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As kids, when you were hanging out with your friends and by mistake you swallowed a watermelon or orange seed, you must’ve heard this from other kids. But it is not true, if you swallow a seed it will easily pass through your system like other food products do.

6. Kurkure Contains Plastic: FALSE!

For as long as anyone can remember, people started believing that kurkure contains plastic and that you shouldn’t eat them. Also, if you try to burn a piece of kurkure it will burn like plastic. For all the kurkure lovers, if you still believe in this, it is not true.

7. Sugar Rush Is A Thing: FALSE!

We’ve heard about sugar rush all our lives. Parents say that the behaviour in children is affected by a lot of sugar. But sugar does not effect any kind of behaviour in children. Sugar is often the main attraction at birthday parties, on festivals and other occasions when children are likely to bounce off the walls. But all that energy is due to kids being excited from probably playing games, running around or meeting new friends and not from the sugar in their system.

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