A 4/20 Guide To Stoner Snacks You Eat When You’re Super High

Food For Stoners

Getting high is a community building activity, so we think it’s essential that we identify some specific food for the stoner community. While people love smoking up in groups, the snack preference varies. Here’s a list of food for stoners who love to eat when they are high:

1. Nutella With Bread


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

This is staple for everyone who stay all by themselves. The simplest and yummiest jugaad, right after you hit a happy high and want to binge on something sweet and filling. This saves you from going to bed empty stomach, every time.

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2. Ice Cream

ice cream

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

Buckets and buckets of Belgian Chocolate ice-cream has found it’s way inside the tummies of stoned peeps. While that’s the most popular choice, any ice- cream can soothe the craving if served with chocolate brownie (or hash brownie for that matter)! The preferences vary but the satisfaction derived is the same.

3. Mother Dairy’s Mishti Dohi

mishti doi

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

There are days when you simply want to dip your finder in the Mishti Doi and lick the entire box. For more sophisticated stoners, there is always a spoon. You go on for hours stuffing yourself, savouring every bite. But that yoghurt tho!!

4. Domino’s Cheese Burst Pizza

Sometimes you can simply order from outside and on those days, Domino’s cheese burst Pizza becomes the hero of your day. If properly prepared, the cheesy base, with extra liquidy cheese dripping from your slice is cosmic. Every single bite takes you a level higher.

5. Maggi


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

This two minute noodle, has never left our sides since childhood. The yummy Maggi is what most people resort to when they are high. It’s easy, yummy and fast to cook. While this serves to fill our stomachs, it also makes up for the best memories. Ever licked the same plate with a fellow stoner?

6. Top Ramen Curry

top ramen

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Curry by Top Ramen is the second best or maybe a better option than Maggi, when you are craving something spicy. It’s always a tussle as to who will get up and cook for all. But when they do, it’s shared by all with oodles of the noodles dropping all over the place as you all try to get the biggest bite!

7. Chicken, Paneer, Dal Makhni And Naan


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

There are days when you smoke up right before dinner time and you already have a plan. The vegetarians pick the creamiest of paneer gravy like Butter Paneer Masala. The non-vegetarians try and pick the most off-beat gravy on the menu, which turns out to be the usual. But combined with Butter Garlic Naan and Dal Makhni, the whole meal is divine!

8. Mac N Cheese

mac n cheese

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Even when you are sobre, Mac n Cheese is another level of cheesy delight. Add a joint to the equation and your love for the dish will see no bounds. Every bite filled with cheese and soft mac tastes just beyond amazing.

9. Chicken Rolls


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes you want to order from outside but your budget restricts you. On the days when you crave for a blend of spicy and chatpata all in one flavours. You just want to dig your teeth into the succulent chicken rolls and take your time finishing it. The thing about eating chicken rolls when you are high is that you just hate sharing it.

10. Cakes And Muffins


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

When you have got the munchies, get yourself muffins and cakes. The thing about these baked goodies is that they work best when you want to just stuff your face with food. There is nothing more satisfying than having surplus slices for when you are all set for another round of joint.

11. Cookie Or Cake Batter


Photo Courtesy Of: Pexels

If you are lucky enough to have uncooked cake batter or cookie dough around you, then you have everything. Cake batters are exactly of the right consistency of what you want to chew on when you are high.

12. Nachos With Cheese 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

A perfect blend of crunch, munch and cheese. Nachos with melted cheese or cheesy dip is the yummiest resort for whoever can get their hands on that combo. You may even pass the joint on ‘taxi’ because you want to finish them nachos.

13. Slices Of Cheese Or Ham

Cheese and ham

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

I have seen people simply rolling and eating a cheese slice. Yes, some people do that. Because it’s the easiest thing to chew with the right amount of salt and consistency, it basically just melts in your mouth. Some people also get their ham and toast or just eat it straight out of the fridge after washing it.

14. Cheesy Fries

cheesy fries

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

It’s not easy to avail them, but if you do find yourself some French fries dipped in cheese, you will feel like the luckiest stoned human. With crispy fried potatoes dipped in melted cheese and served hot right after you hit a happy high, nothing can go wrong.

15. Chips And Kurkure


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

The easiest stuff to get your hands on are the chaknas. Chips, Kurkure, packaged nachos and other branded snacks are the buy and get for passing around the packet as you pass the joint.

16. Waffles


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

When you are confused between what you really want to eat. You can always go for waffles. Waffles with any topping served with maple syrup is love for people who are high!

Now eating and all is cool, but we all know of that urge to drink water or wet our throats somehow post smoking up. Here is how most people quench their ‘high’ thirst.

17. Badam Milk


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

This is a specialty for stoners in Malviya Nagar. Every sip is like a bite because the drink is so thick in consistency. It’s like you are eating a Badam Kulfi, just a tad bit yummier. Happy High + Badam Milk is the equation to a stoner’s paradise.

18. Cold Coffee


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

Easiest, yet the yummy and most convenient milk based item that quenches your thirst at that cosmic level. Cold coffees always go along well with just about anything you eat.

19. Chocolate Oreo Shake (Homemade)

choco oreo

Photo Courtesy Of: Pexels

How many of you have tried making your own shake when you are high? This happens when a group of sweet tooth get completely doped and head to 24*7 in their vicinity, buy Oreos, chocolates and milk and then blend it all together. This is the kind of dedication you only get when you are high.

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