5 Times This List Will Help When You’ve Accidentally Added Too Much Salt To Your Food

fix salty food

Found one of those curries to be too salty right before a guest dinner? There is absolutely nothing to worry about! We are always looking to resolve all your kitchen goof-ups, and this time, we won’t let excess salt spoil the show. These are some of the tricks we’ve gathered from our mums and years of bad kitchen experience, and we know just the right tricks to fix salty food.

1. Boiled Potatoes

Throw in a boiled (and peeled) potato into your overly salty curry and wait for the magic to happen. Potatoes have the ability to suck in excess salt from curries and vegetable dishes. Allow the boiled potato to sit in the curry for 10-15 minutes; remove it and you’re ready for showtime.

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2. Lemon Juice

Acidic substances often reduce the perception of how salty something is. You are essentially diverting your guest’s mind from a salty taste to a tangy one. You could also use fresh orange juice instead of lemon juice here. This trick works wonders, just remember to not overdo the acidic substance.

3. Wheat Dough Ball

This one works the best and almost seamlessly. Take a small ball of wheat dough (the amount you use to make one roti) and add it to your salty curry for 10-15 minutes, remove and discard. The wheat dough ball typically helps in scaling down the excess salt by absorbing it.

4. Creamers

Use creamers such as milk, coconut milk, fresh cream or yoghurt to significantly reduce salt levels in your dish. Creamers not only reduce the salt content but also help make your gravies thicker.

5. Sugar

Adding contrasting flavours might be a tricky business, but if done properly, this can truly help fix the elevated salt levels of your curry. Make sure to use this in small quantities—you don’t want to end up with a dessert in hand!

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