The Scotch You’re Drinking In India Is Probably Fake & Here’s How To Tell!

Fake scotch in India

If you pride yourself to be a connoisseur of imported alcohol, you may be in for a surprise (or a very rude shock). The theka that you’ve been depending on may be selling you IMFL in expensive bottles. Fake scotch in India is a real problem and it’s time you knew about this anomaly. 

Fake Scotch In India

Thanks to the yearly increase in demand for imported liquor by 20%, the illegal liquor network in Gurgaon has been selling adulterated bottles of alcohol. The ‘liquor mafia’ fills empty bottles of expensive whisky and wine with Indian Manufactured Foreign Liquor and sell them in the market at very high rates. Of them all, Johnnie Walker, and Chivas Regal are the most popular brands that are being faked.

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How Do They Do It?

fake scotch in India

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The liquor mafia obtains bottled from bars and restaurants for as much as Rs 100 per bottle, and from scrap dealers for as low as Rs 10-15 per bottle. Then, they fill it with cheaper varieties of the same kind of alcohol, seal them, and sell them at much higher rates, or the market price of the bottles that they put the alcohol in. So while you think you’re drinking a Johnnie Walker Red Label, you’re probably drinking a much, much cheaper whisky. On the other hand, they’re procuring the bottles of top liquor brands from army personnel (who get a quota at incredibly discounted rates), duty-free shops, and embassies too. Obviously, they’re making a huge profit margin.

People who regularly buy these brands claim that their touts get their supplies from Delhi’s embassies and army personnel who’ve been illegally selling off their extra stock, month after month. If you’ve been sold a 1-litre bottle of scotch at lower than its original market price, you should know that what you’re drinking isn’t what you’ve been paying for.

What’s More?

fake scotch in india

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These dealers also buy original bottles with the contents intact, but later fill it with spurious liquid after loosening the cap by immersing it in hot water. They’re also selling these bottles online, which is against the Haryana Excise Act. The bootleggers who supply to you on dry days and when the liquor stores shut, control about 20-25% of the IMFL market. They’ve also been smuggling in alcohol from countries such as Bangkok.

People who live in posh localities of Gurgaon shell out whatever is asked for a one-litre bottle because they feel that these are genuine bottles and cannot be adulterated. Unfortunately, many times, these bottles are filled to the brim with spurious liquid and not whatever that you’ve asked for. So the next time you contact a “guy who knows a guy,” either, don’t trust him or risk being fleeced or being poisoned.

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