Ek Bar’s Winter Menu Stuns With State-Inspired Dishes & Drinks

Indian Street Food

Ek Bar’s new food and cocktail menu is going to make you drool and crave for more of their grub. Their new menus are inspired from the lush culture of our country and Indian street food, with delicacies from different states that tell us stories long gone with a concept of ‘once upon a time’.

They’re already known for the vast range of cocktails that they do (YUS Royal Punch),  but the new ones get better having delightful ingredients that are unique and are previously unexperimented. They’ve got a whole new menu of just cocktails and they’re surely going to blow your mind.

Sher Singh

(Vodka + apple juice + lime + date syrup) This cocktail is a delight for all those who like a sweet tinge to their alcohol. This one’s named after King Sher Singh Suri from the city of Mysore because of the sweet apple flavors in the Cocktail.

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Queen Victoria

(Whiskey + ginger + mango flavors) Mangoes, a specialty of West Bengal and the name derived from the historic reigning queen of West Bengal. This was the perfect start to the meal because no great journey ever started with a salad!  

Kala Amritsari

(Vodka + plum syrup + lime juice + egg white + garnish plum) There couldn’t have been a better combination of Vodka and plum.

Now being a Gastronomical Bar, they’ve got to serve some extraordinary food with an Indian street food twist.  They surely have succeeded and how.

Indian Street Food

Noori Seekh Kebab

If you ever have dilemmas of whether to order Mutton or Chicken – this one’s your saviour. It’s chicken kebab with a mutton outer layer served with garlic butter naan and assorted Indian chutneys.

Jhalmuri Ek Bar Granola Bar

Seasoned puffed rice with assorted nuts topped with charred fruits served with Buttermilk Sorbet, which tasted like something derived out of Indian street food and the sorbet was like lassi, melting into your mouth perfectly.

Sausage Thaali

Inspired from the Rajasthani & Gujarati thaali, this one’s got a western take on it. The Sausage Thaali includes Malabari prawn sausage, spicy pork sausage, chicken tikka sausage plated with Goan chorizo scotch egg.

Potato and Jalapeno Tikki Chaat

It’s the perfect derivation of the Indian street food which has the likes of aloo tikki and other street chaats.  

Chowpatty Ragda

Dry green curry topped with Potato Mousse and Walnut Mecha which is Maharashtrian garlic and chilli spice mix served with Buttered Pao, which is a staple Indian street food from chowpatty.  

Haji Ali Custard Apple Tart

It’s a custard apple in a thin layered crispy donut like sweet dish topped with silver flakes. And this is just the beginning, treat your eyes and stomach with much more at Ek Bar, D-17, First floor, Defence Colony.

Explore their new menu here.

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