#EatEffect // Healthy Desserts For When Eating Sweets Is A Big No-No

Eating sweets

When adapting a healthy lifestyle you can’t scrap out sugar completely and ignore your cravings for eating sweets. Some times eating sweets is actually a good thing, especially when made with healthy, organic ingredients. So try out our dessert recipes which are #EatEffect sugar goals!

Smoothie Popsicles 

Fruit pops are our favourite kind of desserts! Fruit smoothies can be customised to taste; whether you like watermelon, mango, plum, apple or even guava, make a smoothie and freeze it! It is #fruitinspo max.


Choose the fruits of your liking and chuck them in the blender followed by milk, honey, yoghurt and ice. Once blended, pour into popsicle moulds and freeze. Refrigeration for 3-4 hours will result in perfect smoothie pops which you can’t resist!

#EatExtra Varied flavours like jaggery and almond or avocado also work great in these popsicles!

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Fruit Granitas 

Granitas are the underdog of desserts. Simple, sweet and cold, they are everything you need while serving guests or to get past your sugar cravings!


Boil some water, add honey and fruit juice of choice. Allow it to cool till room temperate and freeze in a metal tray. Keep breaking the granita with a fork in between regular intervals to create just the right texture of this beautiful icy dessert.

#EatExtra While making a granita expand your horizons in terms of flavour and experiment with different ingredients from the kitchen. Do not limit yourself to fruits (and no using artificial flavours) instead, opt for herbs. How about a lemon and thyme granita or basil and rum? Go wild and make funky combinations!

Dessert Tart

eating sweets

Cereal tarts made with yoghurt and topped fresh fruits are healthy, delicious, indulgent and easy to make! It’s everything you want and yet the entire tart has less calories than a slice of cake.


Making this tart is super simple! Switch the usual buttery pastry with a crust made with cereals. In a bowl, crush cereals and almonds together before adding maple syrup. Line the tart mould and bake for 10 mins. Top the base with vanilla yoghurt and finish off with fresh fruits. It’s now ready to be gorged on!

#EatExtra If you are looking for something more decadent, add cocoa powder to yoghurt and top off with crumbled organic dark chocolate. Slightly more calories but totally worth it!

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Jennifer Chait via Flickr

This article is part of the EatTreat campaign to eat better and live more consciously. We are creating the #EatEffect. Are you with us? #GreenIsTheNewBlack. Come see us at our event – The Great Winter Picnic.

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