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It’s true. To eat green and healthy is boring, tasteless and totally not worth the effort, most of the times. It is overdone, over-sold and well, over. But we found something else.

In the midst of this impenetrable black smog and the burning of firecrackers and stubble, we saw a glimmer of green. We saw what a lot of you can’t see or don’t want to see. To eat green is not just about keeping you or me healthy. It is about you, me and everyone around you. It’s about keeping the environment safe. We found out that eating healthy and living a little more consciously can make your surroundings greener, cleaner and create the #EatEffect.

First Things First

eat green

And that is exactly what we are going to do. For the next two weeks, we will be writing about and featuring ways to combat unhealthy eating and eating practices that affect nature adversely. We will feature green NGOs, organisations, restaurants and cafes who eat green and are doing their bit to keep our heads above the water before the flood comes crashing in.

And in our efforts to make green cool again (after all #GreenIsTheNewBlack), we will show you how healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, tasteless and overly tiring. We will show you easy ways to combat household refuse and waste. We will give you ways of purifying air naturally and most of all, we’d love to meet you at The Great Winter Picnic  on 27 Nov.

Come bust some moves with yoga, make yourself heard at our talks, get eating green or set up a green stall. We have something for everyone with music, food and activities, and we hope you have something for us too. If you want to participate in any capacity, send us a mail

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