#EatEffect // EatTreat’s Tea Trail Across Delhi For A Satisfying Tea Detox

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Tea and winter is the perfect combination. A cup of chai in the morning or green tea in the evening and our day of tea detox is set. A good quality cup of tea brewed properly is prerequisite this winters, so here is a list of places you need to be raiding!

Tea Trunk 


Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Tea Trunk

The adorable packaging and unmatched quality coupled with their unique flavours has put Tea Trunk on the top of our list for ordering tea bags at home. We particularly loved their lavender white tea during summers but are picking apple spice black tea this season. Their assorted tea time collection is must-have for all tea aficionados!

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Sancha Tea Boutique 

Head here for a peaceful cup of tea from their wide variety menu. We normally opt for the aromatic Moroccan mint tea and accompany it with a side of tea tour through their shelves. Their quality assured by 100% organic certification puts us in an even better mood while sipping this tea.

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Anandini Himalaya Tea


Photo Courtesy Of: Anandini Himalaya Tea

Amidst the narrow busy lanes of Shahpur Jat is a serene tea boutique serving some aromatically therapeutic teas which will leave you mesmerised. Boasting of high-quality speciality teas, Anandini won our hearts with its tisane collection; Happiness Is, being our all time favourite!

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t-Lounge By Dilmah 

Teas by Dilmah are sold almost everywhere, but this lounge takes it to the next level with a tea wall that will leave you stunned. Their quirky yet comforting interiors completed with pictures of tea plantations are the perfect spot to hit when the wind gets cold or you feel too stuffed (tea detox anyone?). Order yourself a cup of classic earl grey and we assure you will not regret it.

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Traditional Medicinals

If you are looking for herbal teas, no one does it better than Traditional Medicinals. Though not available in Indian supermarkets yet, you can order it online. Each tea needs to be selected with care for its health benefits. Though slightly high on the money scale, these no caffeine teas are worth it!

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Dharmsala Tea Company

The Black Tea in this range is the closest to Darjeeling, though slightly milder. The flavour is quite strong in the first steep, but though the packaging says that you can steep it a couple more times, we wouldn’t recommend it. We absolutely loved the aroma and the tea detox capabilities of this one. You can also pick out their Himalayan Green TeaHimalayan Rose Tea and Hand-Rolled Oolong Tea. Read more here.

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