#EatEffect // 5 Amazing Winter Drinks & Desserts & They’re Calorie Free!

Winter drinks

Evolve Vapors is doing us a good one and giving us the map to trying out 5 classic winter drinks and desserts. They’re also telling us how to make these totally calorie free, as a part of #EatEffect. Ever heard that a blueberry donut could be healthy? Read on to know more!

Ah, the great chill in the air returns and everyone’s favourite, pleasant and people-friendly season begins to make its presence felt.

But of course, as the chill sets in, we can trust these food treats to keep us warm, toasty and let the winter magic stay alive and kicking. And the best part? You can have them without a single calorie going to your belly.

Fruity Green Tea

Winter drinks that are healthy and warm all at the same time? Green Tea, a health nut’s peeve and an ally to those looking knock off a couple of kilos. All it needs is a fruity twist to tend to that aching, sweet tooth of yours!

Try it here.

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Vanilla Kappa


Winter drinks like this one need to be on the list. The smooth notes of vanilla blended with rich Costa Rican coffee. Wake up to this every morning. And because we know it’s too cold to brew your own, you can try it in your Evolve Vapouriser!

Try it here.

Blueberry Donut

winter drinks

Mmm, the very thought of a warm, fluffy blueberry donut sure brings to mind a melt in the mouth treat, right? Granted not calorie free, let us give you a sweet, little secret by including this as a flavour in your vaporiser!

Try it here.

Graham Cracker Cereal


Hey you, fret not! You’ve got warm, filling and healthy beginnings to cold, cold mornings. The most important meal of the day with a warm, crunchy bowl of Graham Cracker cereal. You know you’re sold.

Try it here.

Nutty Banana Scone


Dear Vanilla Kappa, you’ve got company. Walnuts, banana and bread, very nutty and very warm, just like us! Just the right thing to go with your winter drinks. Wipe that drool off, will you?

Try it here.

FYI, the only way any of these are going to be calorie free is by vaping ’em, not eating. Gotcha there, didn’t we? Vaping’s the solution to all your cravings. Convenient. Delicious. Calorie free. Safe. Evolve Vapors have over 30+ flavours to choose from including the ones you see in the list above. Check them out!

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This article is part of the EatTreat campaign to eat better and live more consciously. We are creating the #EatEffect. Are you with us? #GreenIsTheNewBlack. Come see us at our event – The Great Winter Picnic.

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