Domino’s Pays 9.5 Lakhs For Using Fake Cheese & It’s Time To Go To Pizza Hut

Domino's Fined For Fake Cheese

We all love Pizzas. Whether we are at a pajama party, at a reunion, in a house party or binge-watching Netflix at home, pizza stays by our side every time. When talking about pizzas, Domino’s is our go-to place. We love their droollicious cheese burst pizzas and along with their delicious garlic breads. However, all our hopes and dreams have been shattered as  we found our beloved Domino’s fined for fake cheese. That’s right. A lab test result has found the cheese used in Domino’s Pizza as fake and the authorities have fined the company Rs 9.5 lakhs. Holy Shit!

Domino’s Fined For Fake Cheese

A Mozarella cheese sample from a Domino’s outlet in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh has failed the lab test conducted by the food security department. The sample was found to have less milk fat content than the prescribed limit of 35 per cent. As a result, the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) in Shahjahanpur imposed a fine of Rs 9.5 lakh on the Domino’s franchise owner and the supplier of the cheese.

The ADM put a fine of Rs 4 lakh on the Shahjahanpur district manager of Jubilant Food Works, Rs 5 lakh on supplier Schreiber Dynamics Dairies and Rs 50,000 on the seller Suresh Upadhyay. Jubilant Food Works is the franchise owner of Domino’s Pizza in India. The sample was taken in July 2015 and the lab test was conducted by a government public analysis laboratory in Varanasi by month-end.  A notice was sent by the food department official soon after.

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Twist in The Tale

However, Jubilant Food Work filed a counter case alleging that the cheese sample failed the test, as it was not kept in prescribed conditions. The case went on more than two years. The company has also stated that another test conducted on the same batch of a NABH-certified laboratory found the cheese sample to have prescribed fat content as set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Scratching our heads, are we?

It is rather unclear if the milk fat content in the cheese used in our cheesy Domino’s pizzas is appropriate or not. However, Domino’s fined for using fake cheese has certainly put a doubt in our minds on whether our favourite cheese is healthy or fake. Until then, let us make our way to the cheese-dripping pizzas at Pizza Hut.

Read the entire story at The Logical Indian.

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