9 Hidden Dhabas Near Sanjay Van You HAVE To Explore This Weekend For Budget Grub

Dhabas Near Sanjay Van

Dhabas near Sanjay Van are what bikers retreat to on Sunday mornings. If you are a student of IIFT or IMI, then you have access to the best of stuffed paranthas available in South Delhi! Sanjay Van boasts a series of dhabas enshrining its periphery facing the colleges. There are several other eateries that have served the MBA students in that area to spice up their lives. Here’s a list of the best eateries around Sanjay Van:

1. Laxman Dhaba 

keema parantha

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

It all started here, the story of stuffed paranthas that marked their presence in the lives of MBA students hailing from across the country and competing with the hostel food. Laxman Dhaba is also popular for being the place that was visited by Ranbir Kapoor during the shoot of Rockstar. What is worth mentioning is the fact that they serve the best Keema Parantha with a block of butter that you can have with their amazing red chilli chutney!

Head to Front Gate, IIFT Bhawan, B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Pay INR 350 for two people (approx)

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2. Sonu Dhaba


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This dhaba is similar to Laxman Dhaba in terms of what they offer. Their North Indian offerings are quite diverse, especially for the meat lovers. You can head over there for a full course meal and the best part about all Sanjay Van dhabas is that they stay open till 11:30 at night!

Head to Front Gate, IIFT Bhawan, B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Pay INR 300 for two people (approx)

3. Sethi a.k.a XBHP Dhaba

Bobby ROy

Photo Courtesy Of: Bobby Roy Photography

Every Sunday the bikers find their way to one of these dhabas, early in the morning for either tea or coffee and even an omelette. Due, to the weekly meetings held here, the dhaba has earned itself the name XBHP dhaba, which is frequented by people and bikers alike. They serve a killer Chilly Garlic Chicken Macaroni. Pro tip, ask them to cook their chicken well when you place the order, because they sometimes miss doing so. 

Head to Adjacent to the left of Laxman Dhaba, Front Gate, IIFT Bhawan, B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Pay INR 350 for two people (approx)

4. Kohli Dhaba


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Located at the back gate of IIFT. There are two little cafes that fall under the Sanjay Kohli Dhaba that serve Indian, Continental and Chinese food. The one serving both chinese and continental snacks is called the Globe cafe and their cold coffee is the a bit too good for the price they sell it for. The place is famed for their Vegetable Cheese Maggi, omelettes and it is also one of the only dhabas around that sells momos.

Head to Back Gate, IIFT Bhawan, B-21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Pay INR 250 for two people (approx)

5. Kulcha Singh


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

When you walk further down the end of the road, you will find Kulcha Singh that is has a similar menu to all dhabas but stands out because their USP is paneer, even though they serve non-vegetarian food as well! They have paneer chowmein as well for all paneer lovers who would like to experiment.

Head to B block, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Pay INR 50 for two people (approx)

6. Shivam Shudh Vaishno Dhaba


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

This one is for all the “shudh shakaharis” who mind sharing space with non-veg food. The dhaba serves yummy North Indian dishes. Their preparation of Aloo Gobhi simply shines out!

Head to Crossroads, Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi

Pay INR 50 for two people (approx)

7. DA Canteen


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

The DA Canteen is a saviour for all those students who wake up late and miss their breakfast. The canteen offers a thali and sandwiches that make up for Sunday brunches and breakfast for most MBA students of the area. 

Head to Qutab Institutional Area, Block A, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi

Pay INR 200 for two people (approx)

8. Pappu Bhaiya’s Chole Kulche


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

The famed Kulche wala of the area, has charmed the students of the area. His chole is evenly spiced and is a favourite of many students living there. The idea of Chole Kulche is the same, just that there is a nostalgia attached to this one stall that has been selling chole kulche for years.

Head to Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi

Pay INR 50 for two people (approx)

9. Food Stalls


Right next to Pappu bhaiya’s stall, you will find vans or food stalls that serve combos of Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal etc. It’s a good lunch option for all the students and passersby. 

Head to Qutab Institutional Area, Tara Crescent, New Delhi

Pay INR 100 for two people (approx)

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Social Tahelka Via Zomato

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