DLF CyberHub Part 2 Is Now Open With 5 New Restaurants, Movie Nights & Live Gigs!

CyberHub 2.0 In Gurgaon

The charm and importance of Gurgaon has been upped after the CyberHub came to town. Amirite or amirite? And guess what, a CyberHub 2.0 in Gurgaon has been launched and it’s undoubtedly bigger and better than the existing one. Here’s why.

New Eateries In CyberHub 2.0 In Gurgaon

CyberHub is literally the soul of Gurgaon. It’s the main workplace and also the space that possesses the swankiest eateries. Recently, they’ve revamped this hub and it has become a rage already. It has literally become a one stop shop destination for celebrating life. A new application and a virtual concierge has been launched that will allow the visitors to have a chat on their smartphone and discover more about cyber hub 2.0 before heading there. You can ask your doubts and put forth your requirements and according to that, your next experience will be curated. How cool is that? 

Expect fun filled leisure and entertainment zones. This novel new CyberHub will host movie nights featuring the classics and guess what, the chips and drinks will be on house. Adding to this jamboree will be musical evenings that will stir your soul up. Expect 14 new restaurants like Mr. Mamagoto, United Coffee House, Pra Pra Prank, Papparoti, iHOP, Too Indian, Oh So Stoned, Potbelly, Drunken Botanist and Bombaykery amongst others. 

Now that your beloved CyberHub has got an amazing facelift, you have more reasons to head here.

Explore DLF CyberHub 

Featured Image Courtesy Of: DLF CyberHub 

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