29 Must-Have Comfort Foods From Each Indian State That You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

Food From Indian States

Every state is popular for its food and scenic views. Every state is popular for its own dish which comforts them in one way or the other. Every person has their own comfort food or dish set in their head, so here is a list of comfort food from Indian states, that is going to make you hungry and ensure that you try each and every item.

1. Neer Dosa From Andhra Pradesh 

Neer Dosa means water dosa, it is prepared from rice batter. It is a bit different from regular dosa. People from Andhra Pradesh like to eat it with coconut chutney, sambar, chicken curry or mutton curry.

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2. Bamboo Shoot Rice From Arunachal Pradesh


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It is a simple dish consisting of great pungent flavours and aromatic herbs. This is a dish that everyone needs to try at least once when visiting the North East. Or at-least a North-Eastern eatery.

3. Tea From Assam

Assam has the best and largest variety of tea available, it is manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia Sinensis Var. The region produces smaller quantities of green and white teas, but a large variety of black tea. If you have never had the flavourful Assam tea then you have definitely missed out on something. This is comfort like no other.

4. Daal Bhari Puri From Bihar 

Bihar people love to eat Dal Bhari Puri. It can be a comfort food for puri lovers as well, they simply put chana dal and stuff it in a puri and fry it. Sounds like our kind of Sunday lunch.

5. Sabudana Ki Khichdi From Chhattisgarh 

Sabudana Ki Khichdi is one of the healthiest and most delicious dishes of Chhattisgarh, that is also eaten all around the country. This dish is prepared with soaked tapioca pearls and eaten bowlfuls of with papad.

6. Vindaloo Rice From Goa 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Vindaloo is an Indian curry dish, quite popular in Goa. People from Goa love their spicy food, and this one is right up there. Moving away from the Xacuti and Cafreal, this is what defines homely comfort food for Goans.

7. Thepla, Phaphra And Mirchi Ki Chutney From Gujarat 

Thepla, Phaphra and Mirchi Ki Chutney is something that people from Gujarat love to eat together as a comforting snack during the evenings. Any kind of sev also makes it to their plates.

8. Pinni and Besan And Bajre Ki Roti From Haryana 

The comfort food from Haryana sounds kind of perfect because who doesn’t like Bajre and Besan Ki Roti for dinner or lunch and Pinni for dessert?

9. Kaali Daal From Himachal Pradesh 

Kaali daal is something that is loved not just by people from Himachal Pradesh but also all across India. This warm soupy lentil is perfect for when you’re sick and need a rest from the spice.

10. Rajma Chawal From Jammu and Kashmir 

Everyone Loves Rajma and rice, the best-tasting red kidney beans are believed to come from Jammu. The red kidney beans here are quite sweet-tasting as compared to the other varieties grown in different regions. No wonder their comfort food is Rajma Chawal.

11. Aloo Chokha From Jharkhand 

This dish is an aloo ki sabzi that is popularly made in Jharkhand and tastes delicious with a special local tadka. Aloo is surprisingly a good source of vitamin-C, and the people here believe in getting their vitamin from this dish.

12. Bisi Bele Bath From Karnataka 


Photo Courtesy Of: HungryForever

Bisi bele bhath is a rice-based dish. The traditional preparation of this dish  involves the use of spicy masala, toor dal and vegetables. They use spices like nutmeg, asafoetida, curry leaves and tamarind pulp to contribute to its unique flavour and taste. Some versions of the dish are prepared with up to thirty ingredients. It is served hot and can be eaten with chatni, salad, papad, or potato chips.

13. Full Meal On A Banana Leaf From Kerala

banana leaf

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

We’ve heard and seen on TV that people from Kerala eat food on a banana leaf, but did you know that sitting on the floor and eating on a banana leaf is actually quite comforting for them. Same goes for eating with bare hands. There’s an enormous comfort in eating homely food in that fashion.

14. Poha Jalebi From Madhya Pradesh 

It contains cooked poha, and it is usually served with a unique combination of jalebi, sev, usal, sliced onions and fennel seeds.

15. Vada Pav  From Maharashta 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

This is arguably India’s most famous street food. It is filling and tasty at the same time. If you want to eat the best Vada Pao possible, then Maharashtra is the place you need to visit. We also think Dabeli comes a close second in this race for comfort.

16. Eromba From Manipur  

This dish contaies boiled or steamed vegetables with a lot of red chillies or umorok (king chilli) with ngari (fermented fish), smoked or roasted fish which is mashed together and tastes wonderful.

17. Jadoh From Meghalaya 

This dish is a typical comfort food among the people of Meghalaya. The dish is a mixture of rice with pork or sometimes substituted with chicken or fish. It includes other ingredients like onions, garlic, turmeric, and ginger, it gives you a slight taste of Biryani but it’s less spicy.

18. Bai From Mizoram 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Bai is a dish made of pork, spinach and bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots is a very popular ingredient used in Mizo cuisines. The smell of cooked bamboo shoot is something they go crazy for. Spinach is again another green which is vastly used by them in their dishes. 

19. Raja Mircha Pork With Rice From Nagaland 

People from Nagaland love their fiery Naga chillies. It is supposed to be so hot that it is said, whenever you are using these chillies, you should be wearing gloves. Don’t make the mistake of touching your eye without washing your hands. This dish is made from these chillies and it tastes amazing. Try some at the Naga stall at Dilli Haat.

20. Dahi Vada From Odisha 

People here, love eating Dahi vada, but they don’t eat it the way other states in India like to eat it. This dahi wada is not a sweet dish. People from Odisha like to make the dish savoury by adding aloo, pyaaz and teekhi-meethi chutney to it like a chaat.

21. Makkey Di Roti & Sarson Ka Saag From Punjab 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Isn’t this dish every Punjabi’s favourite dish come winters? This is without a doubt the comfort food of Punjab. People of Punjab eat this dish by putting white butter on the makki ki roti and also in saag on chilli winter afternoons.

22. Dal Baati Churma From Rajasthan 

Dal Baati Churma is a famous Rajasthani dish consisting of dal and hard wheat rolls. It stays for a long period of time and we love the offbeat culinary style of the state.

23. Thupka From Sikkim


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup, which originated in the eastern part of Tibet and northern part of Nepal. The people of Sikkim love eating it.

24. Curd, Rice And Mango Ginger Pickle & Rasam From Tamil Nadu 

People from Tamil Nadu love comforting them selves on Curd, Rice and Mango Ginger Pickle and drinking Rasam with it. If you plan to visit this place or you have relatives coming over from there, do ask for the Mango Ginger Pickle, it is supposed to be very delicious. Bengalis call the same aam-aada.

25. Biryani From Telangana

 If you need to eat the best spicy biryani in India, then you’ll find the best kind of biryani in Telangana.

26. Muya Awandru From Tripura 

Tripura is famous for its monuments, cultures, tourist spots, handicrafts and uniquely delicious and healthy food. Their food generally has an Asian flavoured tinge. We’ve heard good things about Muya Awandru.

27. Kebab & Parantha From Uttar Pradesh 


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikipedia 

Everyone knows that Uttar Pradesh is popular for its delicious kebabs and juicy meat. They have the best sweet tasting parantha which the people from there eat with delicious galouti kebabs.

28. Phanu From Uttarakhand 

Phanu is made of different variety of dals like gahat, arhar or green mung. It is a perfect home cooked meal.

29. Kosha Mangsho & Phulko Luchi From West Bengal

Food From Indian States

Photo Courtesy Of: Kasturi Roy ft. Bong Appetit 

Kosha Mangsho consists of juicy mutton pieces cooked in hot spices. It is a famous Bengali mutton curry popular for its rich taste and spiciness, The people of Bengal love to eat it with Phulko Luchi.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Kasturi Roy ft. Bong Appetit 

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