Asia’s Top Chef Gaggan’s 10-Seater Restaurant Is The Most EXTRA Thing We’ve Seen So Far!

chef gaggan's new restaurant

There’s no one who doesn’t know this eccentric Indian chef who’s taken Indian food to a whole other level internationally. Chef Gaggan Anand went through a lot of adversity before he opened his restaurant Gaggan, that has been on the San Pellegrino’s World’s Top 50 list many times over, and has been ruling the no. 1 position in Asia’s Top 50 list for many editions as well. We heard, earlier this year, that he’s going to shut his restaurant in 2020 because he believes that there is an expiry date on everything. If you thought Gaggan was exclusive, you should hear about Chef Gaggan’s new restaurant, GohGan.

First Things First

Just like el Bulli and Noma, Anand feels that it’s time to shut Gaggan down and to move on to new and better things. He met Chef Goh in 2014, who is a lot like him in many ways—they share the same kind of energy, have similar signatures, and even share the same birthday. When he was thinking of newer culinary expeditions, he knew he just had to start his new restaurant with Chef Goh. He plans to open GohGan as a small 10-seater restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan, that will be open one month and closed the next. He says he wants to stop working as much as he does and wants to enjoy living. Also, this will help him and Chef Goh time to improvise and will be used to further their creative processes. While the restaurant will open in 2020, he will start accepting reservations in 2019.

chef gaggan's new restaurant

What will this restaurant serve? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Chef Gaggan is being extremely secretive with this one. In fact, at Gaggan, he doesn’t even tell his diner what the dishes on his 22-course menu were until the very end. What we do know is that you will be sent a questionnaire a day in advance, asking you about what you like to eat; and they will be serving food that is neither Indian nor Japanese. He’s doing this because no one can really define what ‘good food’ is. 

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What’s More?

It’s not a well-known fact that Chef Gaggan is a restaurateur who has invested in restaurants around the world. He has planned to open a restaurant where the menu will be majorly focusing on tofu—an ingredient that many aren’t fond of, but he feels he can make it work. He has also planned to open a wine bar, and both these initiatives will open in Bangkok. As for Gaggan, it will reopen as Raa, and will be led by his current head chef who has been with him for the past six years. Raa will have a completely different format and a different menu and will be run by Chef Rydo. 

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