Chef Sokhi Is Planning 200 Spectacular Restaurants In 2020 Franchise Project!

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Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, popularly known as ‘the dancing chef of India’, under the aegis of Yellow Tie Hospitality Management (YTHM) has announced the opening of 200 restaurants in five different formats, by the year 2020. They will be investing about 136 crores for the said franchise project.

First Things First

All the restaurants under the franchise project will exclusively come under the patronage of YTHM—an India-based food and beverage franchise management company and will follow a franchise model. The formats of these restaurants will have offerings in the line of various segments like fine dining, casual dining, bars, and family restaurants. YTHM will be investing mainly in marketing and franchising.

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The Formats


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The Twist Of Tadka is a family restaurant that serves North Indian cuisine at its outlets in Amritsar and Bengaluru. The entire concept is going to be relaunched in January 2017 and will focus on expanding this franchise project in tier II and tier III cities. They hope to open 25 new outlets in India and overseas. For the second format, BB Jaan restaurant will offer Hyderabadi cuisine at fine dining restaurants in shopping malls and 5-7 star hotels, totalling 10 outlets by 2019. They also hope to expand to Asian Markets as well.

For the third format, they’re going to offer Canadian Poutine as the core product at Dhadoom. This brand of restaurants will be expanded through kiosks and shops. They’re also planning for the launch of Haathapie—a trendy Punjabi fast-casual dining bar—the first outlet of the 10 that they have planned will open its doors in June 2017.

They’re also planning to bring a Desi-Chinese fusion experience for food lovers with Chika Chika. Dhadoom and Chika chika will both has 75 restaurants each by the end of 2019, says Chef Sokhi.

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Featured Photo Courtesy Of: BB Jaan

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