Try The Creamiest Butter Chicken At This Famous Eatery In Delhi

Chawla Chicken

Murgh makhani, popularly known as butter chicken, is a dish made with tender meat dipped in a rich, tangy and creamy gravy. Butter chicken is one dish that has a huge fan following around the world. We tried a different avatar of butter chicken at this famous eatery called Chawla Chicken in Delhi. This popular spot has won our hearts with their Cream Chicken. Serving us since many years, Chawla Chicken is known for its delicious variety of chicken curries, and now has outlets in other cities as well. 

History Of Chawla Chicken

It all started one day at Haldwani in 1960’s District Nainital. S. Attar Singh Chawla was trying to improve one of his favourite recipes in the restaurant, when he ended up creating another dish that went on to become the best selling dish at his restaurant. 

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Cream Chicken At Chawla Chicken

Chicken Malai Tikka

They make the creamiest chicken| Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Chawla’s Cream Chicken is quite different in taste and colour as the ingredients used are different from the regular chicken curry. Red chillies and vegetable oils are not used, instead the meat is cooked in milk and rich cream and delicately flavoured with black pepper and green cardamom. The chicken curry goes best with hot tandoori rotis and mint chutney. If you ever visit any of their outlets in Delhi, you will find many people getting it packed for home. 

Chawla Chicken has been tantalizing the Indian palate for several generations. It is one of the most popular restaurant chains specializing in North Indian cuisine. It has a huge fan base that can vouch for its authenticity and great taste. Chawla Chicken started its first branch in Ludhiana in 1985. Later, it opened in Chandigarh in 1991 and over time, it spread to Punjab and other North Indian states. Today, Chawla Chicken has about 110 outlets in India, and some in foreign countries too. There are 13 outlets in Delhi-NCR alone.

What Makes Chawla Chicken So Popular?

The brand has developed its own range of special spices that used in all its outlets. This also ensures uniformity in the flavours and tastes. Chawla Chicken has been in this business for the past 45 years. It runs training and development exercises for its chefs at regular intervals to ensure that the quality of the product is retained in all its outlets. 

A must-have item on their menu is the iconic Cream Chicken in which tender pieces of chicken are cooked in milk and cream, and then mixed with grated onions, methi leaves and pepper. Vegetarian can go for their Cream Paneer or Cream Mushroom. Their Kali Mirch Ka Chicken is another popular option which is loaded with fiery black pepper. It is the perfect starter, if you are looking for something creamy yet spicy.

Chawla Chicken Outlets

In Delhi, Chawla Chicken has outlets in Chittaranjan Park, Preet Vihar, Safdarjung Enclave and more. They also deliver their delicious curries and meals to your doorstep. 

Head To34, A Block, Market 3, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 40536644, +91 9555506644
Pay INR 600 for two people (approx)
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