Cat Meat To Make Biryani?! 12 Cats Rescued From Cat-Nabbers AGAIN

Cat Meat In Biryani

The Chennai Police has been able to rescue 12 cats, who’s have otherwise ended up in a biryani. This cat meat in biryani situation has made it impossible for us to work up an appetite for any other news today. 

Cat Meat In Biryani

Roadside dhabas in Tirumullaivoyal on Friday would have had the pleasure of tasting this biryani. A week-long investigation in Avadi, Pallavaram, Tirumullaivoyal, Poompozhil Nagar and Kannikapuram led to this discovery, after multiple complaints. 

Pet cats have been going missing ever since Pongal and the cat nabbers have been cooking up a storm since then. “The day after Pongal, my cat went out. It has been un-traceable since,” said M Hema, a resident told TOI. Animal activists filed a complaint as well, especially when this is not the first time the same happened. 

“Most of these pets are trapped by narikuravas (gypsies) for their meat that is sold to roadside eateries. This has been happening for at least two decades now,” told People for Animals (PfA) co-founder Shiranee Pereira to TOI. The Police pretending to be prospective cat meat enthusiasts, ended up nabbing the gypsies. They found a dozen cats in gunny bags in poor condition and the rescued cats have now been taken for rehabilitation.

Some horrifying news has emerged for the biryani and meat lovers in Chennai. Apparently, the word “meat” has a whole new meaning to it now, than we thought! 

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We Covered This Story Back In 2016 As Well!

“In a secret operation lead by People for Animals (PfA) and the Mumbai Police, it has been discovered that the meat used in biryani is not that of chicken or mutton but of, cats! Gruesome? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if you give up on eating biriyani after this  shocking revelation.

The Crackdown

The activities at PfA made a clever ploy to track the miscreants down. They released a video where cats were seen getting abducted, chopped off and used as the meat in roadside biryani stalls after befriending some of the meat sellers. Horrified? Well, wait till you hear of the condition of the rescued cats. The group of 16 cats rescued by the Police, were in a deplorable state. Infested with maggots and dehydrated after not having been fed for days, the cats were induced with trauma and showed aggressive behavior.

As per the experts, these cats may take a while to recover from the trauma. It is said that the cats were abducted generally from the MTRS station and bus depots, an easy prey for the gypsies. These cats were then drugged and stored in gunny bags. As per Sagar Seth, a volunteer for the rescue team, the cats were sold at INR 100 for a kg as a cheaper replacement of the chicken or mutton. “A man even ate a raw piece of meat and recommended we try black cat’s blood,” Seth added. Just when you thought humanity couldn’t sink any lower!

What’s Next?

A complaint has been registered and the retrieved meat has been sent for testing to detect the presence of the meat of any other animal.

Read The Full Story On Times Of India.


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