Camera Hip Flask, Bullet Bottles & More: The Flipkart Mega Diwali Sale Haul

The Flipkart Mega Diwali Sale is here and we obviously spent the day trying to scout everything yummy that we would buy for ourselves and our kitchens. And of course, everything is super cheap.

Bulb Glasses

Okay, so here’s the thing. While drinking water from a plain old glass is just great, there’s nothing like drinking it from a bulb. We wonder who had that bright idea.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 389

Original Price: INR 899

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Camera Hip Flasks


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

Somehow this sale has no dearth of chrome steel hip flasks. We picked up some jazzy printed ones and some plain chrome ones, but this one just takes the cake (or clicks the picture?).

Buy here.

New Price: INR 699

Original Price: INR 1499

Gun Gas Lighter


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

We found a pistol shaped gas lighter, which is totally cool for you new-age kitchen gods and goddesses. This is perfect if you want to pretend to rob someone or you know, to light the gas.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 899

Original Price: INR 3400

Bird Fruit Forks


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

These hanging bird fruit forks are so adorable that we literally got hundreds of these. Multi colour and totally pro-healthy salad, this needs to be on your cart.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 225

Original Price: INR 390

Bullet Bottle


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

This bullet bottle is the weirdest thing we’ve seen in a while and we honestly don’t know how to feel about it. But hey, it’s a cool thing to have, especially if you have a gun lighter in your kitchen.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 539

Original Price: INR 1500

Superman Cupcake Moulds


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

Well, who’d have thought that these existed? There’s no better way of making you feel better about eating cupcakes, then to feel like a superhero while eating them. So get going and get these.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 499

Original Price: INR 1400

Self Stirring Mug


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

This mug makes 4 cups of coffee and you won’t any have to put in any effort to find yourself a well-stirred cup of this feel-good beverage.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 575

Original Price: INR 800

Cucumber Slicer


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

This strange but extremely satisfying slicer is just what our lives need. Slicing cucumber into this tornado of health, we are mesmerised by the powers of this weird contraption and thus, we must get it.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 199

Original Price: INR 599

Apple Corer


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

Take apple. Core it. And eat the whole of it without any wastage. This is such a simple but useful contraption that we don’t understand how to exist without this anymore. We recommend it to everybody!

Buy here.

New Price: INR 220

Original Price: INR 360

Bull’s Eye Cocktail Sticks


Photo Courtesy Of: Flipkart

They totally hit the bull’s eye with these cocktail sticks. Adding a sense of danger and mystery to your drink, these cocktail sticks are perfect for being on point with your glass of spirits.

Buy here.

New Price: INR 325

Original Price: INR 400

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Flipkart

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