Did You Know Cafe Qahwa In SDA Serves Black Forest Coffee, Mango & Kulfi Coffee?

Cafe Qahwa in SDA Market

Do you think Delhi doesn’t have much to offer at 8 am? Well then, Cafe Qahwa in SDA Market is what you need to know about. 

In A Nutshell 

Cafe Qahwa is a minimalist and calm cafe situated atop Spice Angan in SDA market. In the midst of multiple cafes and bars sprawling below, this cafe often gets overlooked. But once you go here, you keep coming back for more. 

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Perfect Spot 

Since Cafe Qahwa is situated on the top floor, it oozes an extremely calm and tranquil air across a decent spacious area. You can sit outside to make the most of the rainy weather or simply bask in sun’s glory. Or you can sit within and continue doing your work. 

Raise A Glass To 

Don’t let the name of the cafe fool you. The menu here boasts of many more drinks  other than the Qahwa. And the most quirky drinks can be found in the coffee section. The menu here features After the sunset coffee which is basically Mango coffee, Black Forest coffee, Kulfi coffee, Rose Almond coffee. For the tea aficionados, they’ve got Tulsi Masala, Kashmiri Kahwa, Kahwa on the rocks and the like. Our personal favourite is Black Forest coffee. They’ve mingled this classic dessert with coffee and it’s absolutely commendable. 

On The Silver Platter 

Cafe Qahwa

Photo Courtesy Of: Neeru Singh/EatStory

The food menu encompasses an array of salads, pasta, sandwiches and hearty breakfast meals. The menu is extensive and the portions served are huge.  They are mainly famous for the waffles and omelette bread but you can certainly other dishes as well. 

Bitter Pill 

The seats here don’t have any cushions, so if you already face trouble sitting on hard benches, then you need to avoid going here. 

Food For Thought 

Bookmark this place when you want just want to sip your favourite beverage early in the morning and dive peacefully into your thoughts before you begin the day’s errands. 

Head to C-21, First Floor, SDA Market

Say hello at 01146025325

Pay INR 600 for two people (approx) 

Explore Cafe Qahwa 

Featured Image Courtesy of: Pixabay

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