8 Chocolatey Facts About Cadbury Dairy Milk That You Had No Idea About!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Facts

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Cadbury, and it now consists of number of products. Every product in the Dairy Milk line is made with exclusive milk chocolate. Dairy milk has a huge history and there are a lot of facts that not everyone knows. Read on to find out about a few Cadbury Dairy Milk facts:

1. Cadbury Is The Reason Why We Get Bank Holidays

We love our bank holidays, don’t we? Cadbury is the only reason we get holidays on occasions. Cadbury was the pioneering company that first started not working on bank holidays, and that is how the trend started, so you’ve got to thank them for that.

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2. Cadbury World


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that there is a Cadbury World in Birmingham. There are a lot of fun activities happening there all the time and you get to learn a lot of things about Cadbury as well. You get to see how they make their chocolate, their story, cafés, purple planet and many more fun things to see. The best part about the Cadbury World is the 4D chocolate movie they show, and it is something everyone should see whenever they visit the place.

They also have Cadbury chocolates in lots of shapes and sizes! Check out Cadbury World UK

3. Cadbury’s Wrapping Papers Were Different

Cadbury wasn’t always the signature purple and gold wrapping it is today. Until 1920, it was actually pale mauve with red script.

4. Did You Know About The Number Of Calories?

There are 530 calories in 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk, 240 calories in a 45g bar, and about 25 calories in a single square of chocolate. But it is SOO WORTH IT, ain’t it?

5. The Colour Purple Was Owned By Cadbury


Photo Courtesy Of: Vlad the Impala Via Flickr

The purple colour Pantone 2685c was owned by Cadbury in the beginning for a long period of time, and no chocolate company could use that colour for their brand. It was until Nestlé took them to court over it. Cadbury won the case for 4 years, they eventually lost the rights to the purple hue when Nestlé challenged the ruling in 2013.

6. The First Bar Was Made In 1897


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Cadbury used to only make cocoa powder and other various products in the beginning. But once they had lots of cocoa butter left over from making Cocoa Essence, so they used it to make bars of chocolate.

7. How Many Bars Of Dairy Milk Are Sold?

350 million bars of Dairy Milk are sold every year, which is almost one million per year. And dairy milk lovers probably feels responsible for half a million of those.

8. The First Heart Shape Box


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

You’ve seen a lot of heart shaped boxed chocolates that people give each other on valentines day. Did you know that Cadbury was the brand that first started making heart shaped boxes. Richard Cadbury, the son of Cadbury founder, John Cadbury, came up with a heart shaped box idea in 1861 for Valentine’s Day.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Cadbury World UK

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