10 Budget Wines To Pick Up For Every House Party Or BYOB Scene On Weekends

Budget Wines In Delhi

If you’re a student or a broke millennial and you have a budget to maintain every month, then you know the struggle of saving money for alcohol and getting drunk for cheap. But sometimes we need wines for the house parties and such that we have on weekends, or when friends crash at your place on short notice. Here is a list of budget wines in Delhi that every student should stock up on under Rs 500. These are also some of the cheap wines in India which are perfect for your BYOB scenes. 

1. York Chenin Blanc 2012

Best Wines In Delhi

Photo Courtesy Of: York Winery & Tasting Room & All Things Nice

Flavour of guava, musk melon and apricots. When you nose this, you right away expect the wine to have a lot of tropical fruit flavours. Perfect for a house party for the summers, and for students who love wine but are living on a budget.

Pay INR 450 for 750ml

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2. Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc – at 280 (375ml)

A well balanced medium dry red with soft tannins & hint of berries. It has a whiff of tobacco and strikingly fruity nose of black current and berries. It is good for house parties in winters and it pairs best with steaks and barbequed dishes. So say hello to rooftop grill parties.

Pay INR 280 for 375 ml

3. Fratelli Chenin Blanc 2011 

When you have a wild Saturday night planned with your friends or you’re having a big party and all your friends are coming, and your money has been spent on food and spirits, then this wine will come to your rescue.

Pay INR 495 for 750 ml

4. Sula

Cheapest Wine In India

Photo Courtesy Of: Sula Vineyards Pvt. Ltd

Everyone knows about this wine, it is cheap and a lot of people buy it for house parties. It is the perfect wine when we’re on a budget and can be used to make great fruity sangrias at home.

Pay at INR 338 for 350ml

5. Port Wine 1000 Gold Red


Port wine differs from usual wine in taste, due to the retained sweetness of grape sugars by addition of neutral alcohol. This ups the alcohol content while making it a wonderful dessert wine due to its retained sweetness. If you don’t like red wine, because you think it can a bit acidic for you. Then try this wine, you’ll love it. 

Pay INR 210 for 750ml 

6. Four Seasons Zinzi Red Wine

A well balanced medium dry red with soft tannins & hint of berries. If you have friends coming over and you’re on a budget then this wine goes well with spiced Indian dishes like kebabs and biryanis.

Starting at INR 200

7. Four Seasons Zinzi White Wine

Fruity and a refreshing white wine with the aroma of tropical fruit. If you have friends coming over and you’re serving them Asian food then his wine goes perfectly with it. It can be served with spicy Indian dishes as well.

Starting at INR 200 

8. Madeira Red Wine

This wine is very mild; it is an easy-drinking red wine. It is very cheap, and for all the students who have budget issues, then this is the wine for you. Even if on weekdays when you feel broke and don’t have a lot of money to buy alcohol, this wine will come in your budget.

Pay INR 330 for 750 ml

9. Dia White Wine



If you’re in the mood for fruity and bubbly sweet wine then you will love this wine. It tastes delicious. For people who don’t have a palate for wines, because it can be a bit acidic for them, then you will definitely appreciate this wine. They also have a red version that’ll get you drunk before you know it.

Pay INR 330 for 750 ml

10. Sidus Wine

Need cheap wine? Then this is the one, and you can stock up your house with this wines, when you have unexpected guests over at home.

Pay INR 250 for 750 ml

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