26 Amazing Types Of Maggi Are Being Served At This Tiny Cafe In Satyaniketan

Budget Cafe In Delhi

Maggi is one snack that can be devoured anytime, anywhere. For DU students, it’s probably the best thing to eat in the middle of class breaks. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and now, it comes in various flavours. Thanks to these mini budget cafes in Delhi that have popped up near colleges. You think only North Campus has Maggi points? Well, If North Campus has Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point, then South Campus has Kev’s Cafe for all things Maggi and this is hell of a budget cafe in Delhi.

In A Nutshell

Kev’s Cafe is a mini eatery in the hub of collegiates. It’s known for giving this iconic Indian snack a twist of their own. Nope, these are not like your basic twists, it’s much much more. The menu here features a couple of milkshakes, sandwiches and 26 variants of Maggi.

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On The Silver Platter

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Though the place offers a couple of sandwiches, the main highlight of the place is undoubtedly the Maggi concoctions. You can expect variants like Thai Red, Thai Green, Makhani, Avadhi, Italian, Mexican, Singapore, Hongkong Style, Spicy Lemon, Schezwan Maggi. Our personal favourite Maggi combination is Punjabi Tadka Maggi. It tastes like a mix of Hot heads and Yippie Noodles and has everything that would make Punjabi taste buds happy. 

Bitter Pill

The eatery barely has enough place to sit and enjoy your Maggi. So it’s highly advisable that you get your Maggi packed or simply eat outside.

Food for thought

All those who study in South Campus already know how great these Maggies are. But if you haven’t tried them yet, you should go there ASAP!

Head to 298, Satya Niketan, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 8800331722

Pay INR 100 for two people (approx)

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Maggi 

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