14 Budget Beers You Need If You’re Broke, In Your 20s & Have A House Party To Attend

Budget Beers in Delhi

Beer plays an essential role at every house party, summer evenings, brunches and anything you can think of. It is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world and possibly also the cheapest when you’re on our level of drunk. Beer is the reason why we enjoy our beer pong. Read on to find out about the budget beers in Delhi.

1. Orangeboom

One of the most drinkable and best value-for-money imported lagers in the market is the Dutch Orangeboom. Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s no orange flavour in this beer.

Pay INR 150 

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2. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Another lager on this list is the Italian Peroni. Originally imported into India, it is now made in the country allowing for an affordable price.

Starting at INR 110 

3. Heineken

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This Dutch brand has done a quite good job of positioning themselves in India. Cold, fresh and pleasant enough to have you knocking back one pint after the other.

Starting at INR 100 in Delhi

4. Kingfisher Ultra


Photo Courtesy Of: Kingfisher Ultra

We can’t really leave Kingfisher off this list, can we? Ultra is a smoother version of the beer, it is perfect for summers, house parties, picnics, evening chill scenes and beer pong.

Pay Rs 90 for 330 ml

5. Budweiser Magnum

Among all the strong beers made, the Bud Magnum is perhaps, quite palatable. It is surprisingly smooth, crisp and easy to drink, and it also gets the job done a lot quicker.

Pay INR 135 for 750ml

6. Tuborg Green Beer

Locally brewed, Even though this beer has a more prominent bitter finish than Kingfisher Ultra and Heineken, some people still prefer drinking this. This is a perfect picnic kinda beer.

Starting at INR 75 for 330 ml

7. Kings


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“When in Goa you must drink Kings,” you must have heard this from literally every person who has visited Goa. This beer from Goa is now available in Delhi as well, giving all beer brands great competition. This beer is not too costly. Even though this portly black bottle is the ideal companion at the beach, drinking this in Delhi is something that will make give you “the Goa feel” and you can relive the memories.

Starting at INR 30 for a pint in Goa.

8. Bira


Photo Courtesy Of: Bira

The newest beer in town, Bira is crafted for the Indian market but brewed in Belgium. They have a number of variety like blonde, white, wheat, light. This beer is the kind of beer that makes all your house parties perfect.

Starting at INR 110

9. Kingfisher Blue

Kingfisher is a fresh, clean and crisp premium beer. Kingfisher blue is one of the cheap beers that king fisher has, and is a must try. This beer is great for summer and summer parties.

Starting at INR 60 for 330 ml can

10. Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer

Kingfisher beer dominates the Indian beer market with a range of products like Kingfisher Premium beer is one of them. It is not too expensive because of which Kingfisher beer is perfect for the summers.

Starting at INR 65 for 330 ml bottle

11. Budweiser Premium King of Beers 


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This beer is actually an American style beer lager. A lot of people in India drink this and have been using this beer for house parties before beers like Bira and Kingfisher Ultra became their competition.

Starting at INR 100 for 330 ml

12. Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer 

This beautifully green coloured bottle is brewed from 100% imported malted barley, and the barley is harvested, and the quality is checked and cared for as it is the single most important ingredient of this beer. It tastes great and is not too expensive.

Starting at INR 90 for 330 ml

13. Miller High Life

This beer is known as “The Champagne of Beers.” It contains about 4.60% of alcohol. A lot of people are buying this beer these days as beer drinkers connect with less expensive and easy-drinking alternative to heavy craft beers. This beer is cheap and perfect for your weekday “chilling scene.”
Starting at INR 70 for 330 ml

14. Happy by Thirsty Beer

 This can brings joy to every party. It is quite reasonable and tastes quite good as well, next time you’re having a party and you need big cans of beer for your beer pong, then this beer will come to your rescue.
Starting at INR 130 for 500 ml
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