7 Breakfast Deliveries In Gurgaon That Send Over Paranthas, Donuts, Omelettes & More!

Breakfast in Gurgaon

There are two kinds of people in the world- Morning people and people who want to shoot morning people. If you fall in the latter category (like us!) and absolutely hate the task of preparing your breakfast, then you certainly must take note of the best delivery services that serve breakfast in Gurgaon. 

1. Bueno Cafe 

Cafes in Gurgaon

A delivery service based out of G-town, Bueno Cafe offers premium sandwiches and bakery items. To make mornings less grumpy for you, they’ve curated a special breakfast platter that includes a sugar donut, a chocolate donut, a danish pastry, a croissant and a hazelnut spread. You can also order their sandwiches and other items, but we would any day prefer a sugar rush in the morning. 

Say Hello at 011 33105878

Pay INR 650 for two people (approx) 

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2. The Breakfast Club 


An eatery nestled in Galleria market, The Breakfast Club opens everyday at 6 AM and prepares delicious breakfast options for you. Think of paranthe, poha, keema pav, crepes, pancakes and literally any possible breakfast dish and they’ll get it delivered. 

Say Hello at 9015994555

Pay INR 500 for two people (approx) 

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3. Roots


For the days when you wake up in the morning and feel like going all healthy, call up Roots. Amongst their offerings are Oats Uttapam, Poha, Scrambled Eggs, Vermicelli, Podi Idlis and the like. Couple it up with your cup of joe and you’re all set to take over the day! 

Say Hello at 9971134920

Pay INR 750 for two people (approx) 

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4. Di-Ghent 

Di Ghent

Exotic coffee, bagels, oats, French toasts, poached eggs and delish desserts. That’s Di-Ghent cafe for you. For some early morning sugar rush, you can also order up waffles, pancakes and chocolate cheesecakes for your morning grub. 

Say Hello at 0124 4233355

Pay INR 1,700 for two people (approx)

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5. Pe Pizza 

24 Hour Restaurant in Gurgaon

Care to eat a Pizza for breakfast? We hear roars of yes. A 24*7 delivery service in Gurgaon, Pe Pizza does 70 types of pizza like Dal makhani, sunny side up, chocolate among many others. So if you’ve got to wake up at 4/5 to catch a plane or do the deeds for the day, call em up and they’ll be at your back n’ call.

Say Hello at 9711176666

Pay INR 600 for two people (approx) 

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6. Breakfast 7-11 

brekfast 7-11

As the name suggests, Breakfast 7-11 is a breakfast only delivery service in Gurgaon. They serve North Indian, South Indian and Continental options. So all your paranthas, idlis, salads and sandwiches fancies are covered by them, that too in reasonable prices. 

Say Hello at 011 33105595

Pay INR 400 for two people (approx) 

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7. Nashta


A delivery only outlet, Nashta opens up at 6:30 Am and curates hearty breakfasts for y’all. Among their dishes are omelettes, wraps, salad bowls, burritos, tortillas and combos. 

Say Hello at 099995 01535

Pay INR 700 for two people (approx) 

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Featured Photo Courtesy Of: DiGhent

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