Try The Cubano From The Movie Chef At The New Big Fat Sandwich In Hauz Khas!

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

Coffee and sandwiches fuel our daily lives, no matter how busy or empty our schedule. The sandwich looks incredibly simple, and yet it can be so complex. Big Fat Sandwich in Hauz Khas has brought out some great new additions to their menu, and we were totally impressed. What else does one really need but good food in a cozy atmosphere, and more and more coffee to keep you going, amirite?

In A Nutshell

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

Big Fat Sandwich has opened its all new store in Hauz Khas Market, in collaboration with Miam Patisserie and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. They’re barely a month old, but they’re very popular with the youth. There are planters hanging from the ceiling and are placed on the walls, and all the furniture is made of wood and metal. Hauz Khas has finally got their much-needed hang out spot.

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Perfect Spot

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

Some parts of the cafe have shafts of sunlight streaming in, and you might want to grab those spots before anyone else does. You can, of course, choose to sit wherever you want, depending on how many people you’ve brought to the cafe. It’s also a great place to work out from considering that you have everything here to fuel your work day. Coffee, sandwiches, desserts, juices, charging points everywhere you see, all in a lovely air-conditioned setting.

Raise A Glass To

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

We got some cold pressed juices from To Be Healthy to have with our sandwiches. The Classic Watermelon, the Citrus Punch with valencia orange, pineapple and carrots, and the Summer Cooler with valencia orange, cucumber, and pineapple are what you need to keep you healthy and hydrated in this scorching heat. And they go very well with the sandwiches too.

We just had to get a Cappuccino as we ended our meal because it’s impossible to walk past Blue Tokai without getting at least a cup of coffee from there. It really is some of the best coffee you’ll get in the city.

On The Silver Platter

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

Their cheese sandwiches seem to be incredibly popular here. Get the Little Italy that has basil, cheddar, mozzarella, marinara, pepperoni, and herb butter. It tastes like a pizza but in a sandwich.

Next, get the Burrah if you happen to be a vegetarian. As with all their sandwiches, you can choose to go with either a bun or slices of bread. This one has got huge slices of cottage cheese, fried onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and has oodles of mustard mayo. So good, you’ll want to come back for more.

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

Their new menu also has the Texas Massacre, and the BFS Cubano. The Texas Massacre has lots of cream cheese, BFS’ signature hot sauce, cream cheese and lettuce. It’s just the right size and got just enough filling so you don’t feel like you’ve pigged out too much. The beautifully caramelised slow-cooked pork has this subtle sweetness that makes this one unputdownable. We got this in a soft brioche bun. The BFS Cubano, on the other hand, is inspired by the original Cubano in the movie ‘Chef’. They’ve got all the ingredients down to a ‘T’! It’s got slow-cooked pork marinated in orange, lime, cumin, coriander, and is topped with gherkins, sliced cheddar, tomatoes and lettuce. If you ever wondered what the Cubano in Chef tasted like, this is what you need to get!

big fat sandwich in hauz khas

We ended our meal with the absolutely delicious Raspberry Macaron Sandwich with raspberry coulis and dark chocolate, and the Vanilla Custard Choux Pastry and Crumble—which were both Miam’s creation.

Bitter Pill

Since it’s summer and power-cuts in Delhi are a regular feature, you may have to sit through for about 10 minutes without the AC. But the situation is being fixed and if you’re going there for the first time after reading this, it may even have been rectified.

Food For Thought

big fat sandwich in hauz khasThe creators of Big Fat Sandwich have got all the flavours right in all their sandwiches. Their vegetarian sandwiches are just as good as the non-vegetarian ones. So if you ever think of switching over, you won’t be disappointed. They’ve taken inspiration from all their travels, and from the movies that they love, and they’ve present to you their version of love in the form of a sandwich.

Head to A-15A Front, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9910455699, +91 9810646118

Pay INR 500 for two (approx)

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