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best pizzas in Delhi

A pizza is love redefined. From your most joyous days to your lowest moments in life- pizza was by your side, always-giving you the unconditional love that you deserve. The crisp crusts, stringy cheese and greasy toppings are just so hard to resist. Pizzas are definitely the best kind of comfort foods and they will always remain so. We’ve come up with the ultimate bucket list of places where you get the best pizzas in Delhi. 

The 27 Ultimate Pizza Places In Delhi

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1. Tossin Pizza, Safdarjung

Pepperoni pizza

A cheesy pepperoni is just what you need. | Photo Courtesy Of: Tossin Pizza

At Tossin Pizza, you can have pizza for both starters and mains. They have an extensive list of pizzas on their menu- with over 12 vegetarian varieties, 20 non-vegetarian, and special sea-food pizzas as well. The restaurant lets you choose you own crust, and sauce options. Each entree on the menu is heavily loaded with savoury toppings and stacks of cheese. Try their Peri-Peri Pizza, which comes topped with peri-peri chicken and loads of mayo and cheese. Vegetarians can lay their hands on the Yo-Yo Desi Veg Pizza, laden with a tick layer of vegetables and cheese. 

What to have: Chicken Keema Khansa Pizza, Bondi Beach Pizza, Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza

Perfect for: Quick Fix, College Hangout, Pizza Delivery

Head To B-6/2, Opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 49846688

2. Amour Bistro, Chanakyapuri

Amour Bistro

A twist in every dish at this European restaurant. Photo Courtesy Of: Amour Bistro.

Amour Bistro, the European styled eatery doesn’t promise to please every palate, but offers distinct flavours of European delicacies. Chef Jiten Singh has reinterpreted European delights and presented them on the menu with his signature style. Each dish has a distinct feature of Jiten’s cooking style, and the pizzas here are no exception to the phenomena. Baked in wood-fired ovens, the extensive pizza menu is seen with an extensive use of fresh tomato sauce, chilli, fresh veggies, and different varieties of cheese, as is the customary Italian way.

What to have: Quattro Stagioni, Basilica, Esotiche

Perfect for: Lunch

Head To 10/48, Malcha Marg Shopping Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Say Hello At+91 9810877553

3. NYC.PIE, Defence Colony


NYC.PIE is the go-to place for New York style pizzas. Photo Courtesy Of: NYC.PIE

Pizza are associated with Italian cuisine, but a lot of credit for their popularity goes to “americanos“. After the Italian exodus to America in the 1800s, Italian cuisine transcended new boundaries, and so did their favourite dish- Pizza. NYC. PIE is representative of this spirit of the dish, rather than the original. The quirky names on the menu- Yellow Cab Pizza, New York City Pizza, San Diego- prove our point. Their signature pizza- BST- comes with heaps of bacon, which is again, something Americans can’t get enough of. Loaded with crispy bacon, blue cheese, and baby tomatoes topped with garlic oil, it is a delightfully well-balanced combination. 

What to have: Fromagi Fromagi Pizza, The Yellow Cab Pizza, BST Pizza

Perfect for: College Hangout, Quick Fix

Head To Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105646

4. Big Chill Cafe, Khan Market

Big Chill In CP

Straight out of a Fellini movie: Big Chill. Photo Courtesy Of: Big Chill

Big Chill Cafe is well-known for its trademark look, eclectic vibe, and deliciously creamy pastas, but it is also not at all a bad place for slaking your pizza hunger. A special delight for meat lovers, their Four-Forth Pizza is loaded with four different types of meat toppings- Chorizo, Pepperoni, Ham, and Chicken- and laced with tomato sauce and melting cheese between the crust. 

What to have: Penne a la Vodka, Four-Fourth Pizza, Lemon Yogurt Ice-Cream

Perfect for: Catching Up

Head To 68-A, Khan Market, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 41757588

5. Napoli Pizza, Green Park 

Napoli Pizza

Have you tried Napoli’s signature Neapolitan Pizza yet? Photo Courtesy Of: Napoli’s Pizza

Napoli uses a traditional doughing method- with only yeast, water, salt, and flour, that is imported from Italy. The sauce is made of canned tomatoes, imported from Campagna and a salty topping that is Rathee family’s secret recipe for pasta sauce. Their signature Napoli Speciale, laden with smoked meat, green chillies, and laced with honey is a special treat for all pizza lovers. 

What to have: Pepperoni Pizza, ‘Nudja Sausage Pizza, Napoli Speciale

Perfect for: Pizza Delivery

Head To G-3, Ground Floor, Ashirwaad Complex, Green Park, New Delhi
Say Hello At+91 9696366611

6. Tonino, Connaught Place

Interiors of Cafe Tonino

Dine the Italian way at Cafe Tonino. Photo Courtesy Of: Cafe Tonino

Cafe Tonino is Delhi’s quintessential Italian restaurant. The cottage-like edifice, along with pastel hued walls, minimalist decor, relaxed vibe, and a menu full of Italian delicacies makes it one of the coolest hangout places in Delhi. One whole page on the menu is dedicated to their wood-fired thin crusted pizzas, most of which are vegetarian, reigning heavy on cheese, and healthy veggies. They have whole wheat options too. 

What to have: Margherita Pizza, Chicken Lovers Pizza, Calzone Quattro Stagioni

Perfect for: Breakfast Date

Head To 1st Floor, PVR Plaza Building, H Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 41528042

7. La Piazza, Bhikaji Cama Place

pizza oven

Serving hand-tossed pizzas since 1994: La Piazza. | Photo Courtesy Of: Hyatt Regency

In operation since 1994, La Piazza is known for its signature wood-fired pizzas. It was one of the first Italian trattoria-styled restaurants in the city. The kitchen is manned by Neapolitan pizza maker- Chef Ciro Sorrentino- who relies heavily on fresh farm produce for ingredients. At the live kitchen of the restaurant, you can watch the chef preparing original pizza recipes from the scratch. 

What to have: La Piazza Pizza, Quattro Formaggi, Quattro Stagioni

Perfect for: Sunday Brunch, Wine and Dine

Head To Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105809

8. EVOO, Geetanjali Enclave


EVOO is taking Delhi’s culinary circuit by a storm. Photo Courtesy Of: EVVO

An acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oilve, EVOO stays true to its name and makes adamant use of the same in their recipes.  Topped with leafy greens and olive oil and with crispy crusts, these are the best kinds of pizzas in the city. Baked in a wood-fired oven, every pizza featured on the menu carries a lovely smoky flavour. The Calabrian pork Sausage Pizza and the Grilled Fig Pizza are the best of the lot. 

What to have: Creamy Mushroom Panuozzo, Smoked Chicken Pizza, Calabrian Pork Sausage Pizza

Perfect for: Catching Up

Head To B-2, Ground Floor Shivalik, Near Sri Aurobindo College, Geetanjali Enclave
Say Hello At011 41662030

9. Pizza Express, Vasant Kunj

Pizza Express

Delve into a range of crisp and cheesy pizzas at Pizza Express. Photo Courtesy of: Pizza Express

This restaurant chain is neither Italian, nor American- it was started by an Englishman in London in the 60’s. Keep a watch on the daily specialities, and also their original London Pizza is a must eat. The restaurant uses hand rolled dough, and tomato passata, made of fresh and juicy tomatoes sourced specially from Italy. The cool and relaxed vibe of the restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy warm, thin-crusted and cheesy pizzas loaded with delicious toppings. 

What to have: Pollo Coriander Pesto, Calabrese, Penne Siciliana 

Perfect for: Kids, Family Outing

Head To T-303B, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 40870796

10. Summer House Cafe

Summer House Cafe rooftop

Catch all kinds of performances and gigs at Summer House Cafe in Aurobindo Market. Photo Courtesy Of: Summer House Cafe

Perched on the edge of the bustling Hauz Khas Village, Summer House is the perfect restro-bar. The indoor seating area with throwback chairs and overhead chandeliers is great for dining whereas the rooftop, housing the flossy bar, and with high-seat chairs is a vibrant space. On nights of live performances and gigs, the cafe is packed with people singing and dancing. Get a table on the first floor balcony and enjoy some bar snacks and pizzas with your drinks. If you love the good old singalong, be here on Mondays when they host the Karaoke night. 

What to have: Jalapeno Cheese Fingers, Double Bacon Double Cheese Pizza

Perfect for: Gigs, Dancing, Binge Drinking, Karaoke Nights

Head To 1st Floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33106147

11. Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mehrauli

Olive Bar and Kitchen

The perfect date-night spot for your next date. Photo Courtesy Of: Olive Bar and Kitchen

Endowed in a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, with long long drapes and a cool alfresco dining space, Olive Bar and Kitchen is all about elegance and subtle flavours. Their menu has a few exquisite pizza varieties, that are baked off the burner. 

What to have: Margherita Pizza

Perfect for: Outdoor Dining

Head To One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 29574444

12. Diva, GK 2


Even Italians swear by the authenticity of food at Diva. Photo Courtesy Of: DIva

Ritu Dalmia’s Diva is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. Although the food here needs no certification of authenticity, the fact that the Italian Embassy employees asked them to serve their guests is testimonial of their repertoire. Serving its customers for the past 19 years, the restaurant menu boasts a number of freshly tossed delectable wood-fired pizzas, smeared with a full bodied tangy sauce and loaded with scrumptious toppings. Each and every pizza is worth a bite and commands a loyal following from the restaurant patrons

What to have: Parma, Pugliese

Perfect for: Date Night

Head To M-8A, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 41637858

13. Ego Obsession, New Friends Colony

Ego Obsession

Delve into delicious pizzas in a peppy ambience at Ego Obsession. Photo Courtesy Of: Ego Obsession

Ego Obsession is not really place that can attract you with grandeur and opulence, but all the obsession here is filled in the extensive food menu. Prepared with careful attention to minute details, the pizzas at this speciality restaurant are infused with original Italian flavours. Cooked in olive oil, made with hand rolled dough, and topped with finely chopped chunks of meat- the pizzas at Ego obsession are delightful. The Smoked Cheese Pizza with stacks of stringy cheese is worth repeated orders.

What to have: Siciliana, Pepperoni, Smoked Cheese Pizza

Perfect for: Catching Up

Head To 4, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 26319107

14. La Vie Pizzeria and Restorante, Khan Market

La Vie Pizzeria and Restorante

Savour thins crusted pizzas topped with zesty sauces. Photo Courtesy Of: La Vie Pizzeria and Restorante

La Vie translates into street in English, and evidently the restaurant menu has a wide variety of pedestrian food. The restaurant is famous for its wood-fired pizzas, made with fresh ingredients, something which the restaurant doesn’t compromise on. Try the Ratatouille Pizza here, which is basically an adaptation of a classic vegetarian dish made with eggplant, zuchini, tomato and mushroom. The Pizza Casa, made with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and loads of mozzarella is a spicy treat that will fire up your palate.

What to have: Venus Garden Pizza, Ratatouille Pizza, Chocolate Truffle

Perfect for: Casual Dining, Catching Up

Head To 51-A, Khan Market, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105260

Popular Choice 

15. Spago, GK 1

Cooked in the traditional Italian way in their stone based oven, the pizzas at Spago are a mix bag of vegetarian and no-vegetarian varieties, available in whole-wheat crust. Try the house special Spago Speciale Pizza here, with a thin-crusted whole wheat base, topped with sun dried tomato and pesto sauce, spiced up with roasted garlic and layered with goat cheese on top and mozzarella cheese in the crust. 

What to have: Spago Speciale Pizza, Qyuattro Stagioni Pizza, Peperone Pizza  

Perfect for: Family Outing

Head To N-2, Kasbah, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105522

16. San Gimignano, Janpath

San Gimignano

Alfresco dining at San Gimignano is a perfect date night setup. Photo Courtesy Of: The Imperial

Named after Tuscan town San Gimignano, this trattoria is one of Delhi’s old favourite for Italian cuisine.  San Gimignano doesn’t boasts an extensive list of pizzas on their menu, but each entree gives a taste of its Tuscan heritage- be it the simplistic spinach based Al Florentina Pizza or the artichoke, spinach, tomato, and mozzarella laden Bianca Royale Pizza. 

What to have: Peperoni Pizza. Bianca Royale Pizza, Al Florentina Pizza

Perfect for: Wine and Dine, Date Night

Head To The Imperial, Janpath, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 41116608

17. Jamie’s Italian, Vasant Kunj

Jamie's Italian

A glass of wine and authentic pizzas at Jamie’s Italian. Photo Courtesy Of: Jamie’s Italian

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s famous Italian restaurant chain is a popular pizza place in Delhi. The 140-seater restaurant, with large tables and sumptuous combo offerings is the perfect place to bond with your family over a refreshing sorbet and large cheesy pizzas. The dough for pizzas at Jamie’s is rolled every morning, and made using fresh ingredients, and smeared with authentic Italian sauces. The Spicy Chilli Lamb at Jamie’s is a scrumptious treat-  a crispy thin crusted base added with seasonal herbs and mozzarella cheese and topped with generous portions of spicy mini lamb, Parmesan cheese, and pickled onions.

What to have: Chicken Pizzaiola, Spicy Chilli Lamb

Perfect for: Family Outing, Large Gatherings, Kids

Head To 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 30806437

18. New York Slice, GK 2

New York Slice

Visit New York Slice to subside your hunger for some fresh New-York style pizzas. Photo Courtesy Of: New York Slice

New York Slice is a pocket-friendly pizzeria that is popular among students and young professionals. The small and cosy interiors of the place provide a relaxed ambience to relish hot-out-of-the-oven pizzas. The live kitchen provides a window to the kitchen and you can view your pizza being made from scratch. You can get a pizza at New York Slice for as low as 99 rupees.

What to have: United States of Bacon, Double Downtown

Perfect for: Students, Great Deals

Head To E-584, Near Savitri Cinema, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 41619660

19. Chicago Pizza, Connaught Place

Restaurants at Grand Venice Mall

Delhi’s first home-grown pizza franchise. Photo Courtesy Of: Chicago Pizza

Chicago Pizza was the first homegrown pizza franchise and is credited to be the pioneer of the idea of ‘make your own pizza slice’. They offer the Chicago style deep-dish pizzas, along with an extensive pizza fare on their menu. You can also make your own pizza, with a choice of over 14 toppings. The Pepperonica emerges as the winner of best pizza on the menu. 

What to have: Veg Overloaded, Non-Veg Overloaded, Zesty Chicken, Pepperonica

Perfect for: College Hangout, Kids

Head To Tapooz Food Court, Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 23413226

20. Instapizza, Vasant Vihar

Restaurants Opening Soon In Delhi

The super cheesy pizzas at Instapizza are perfect for munching while hanging out! Photo Courtesy Of: Instapizza

Instapizza gives you the option of making your own pizza with unlimited toppings for no added charges. The restaurant has given an Indian touch to the Italian dish and embedded desi flavours by adding local ingredients to it- Haryali Paneer Pizza, Kalkaji Special and the Indian Hot are some prominent examples. Their Monster Deep Dish Pizza is quite popular for its extra layers of added cheese and stuffed toppings.

What to have: Belly Of the Beast, Hawaiian Pizza

Perfect for: Catching Up, Alone time

Head To UG-69-70, Somdutt Chamber- II, 9, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At+91 8882052000

21. Fat Lulu’s, Saket

Fat Lulu’s

Try the delicious South-western pizza at Fat Lulu’s. Photo Courtesy Of: Fat Lulu’s

If you ever crave for some New York style pizzas, Fat Lulu’s is the place to head out to. The pizzeria owns a wood-fired oven and bakes an extensive range of hand-tossed pizzas. They offer four different bases to choose from- whole wheat, spinach, beetroot, and garlic. Their South-Western Pizza, tossed with grilled chicken breasts, black beans, and caramelised red onions is a remarkable combination of creamy and zesty flavours. 

What to have: Chelsea Pizza; Southwestern Pizza, Chilly Willy

Perfect for: Hangout

Head To Unit 6, The Square, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105870

22. Fio, Nehru Place

Interiors at Fio

Take a breath of freshness at Fio. Photo Courtesy of: Fio Cookhouse and Bar

The alfresco dining area at Fio, hemmed with potted plants, offers an ambient surrounding while the interiors with chill lounge music and spacious seating provide a vibrant atmosphere. Pizzas at Fio are handrolled and baked in wood-fired ovens. Oils and seasonings, imported from Europe, along with a produce of locally sourced ingredients ensures freshness and authenticity of flavours. Savour the sweet and crunchy Garlic Prawn Pizza, infused with pepper and jalapenos for a prickly tartness and tang.  

What to have: Dark Glazed Chicken Wing, Garlic Cheese Murgh Tikka, Banoffee Jar

Perfect for: Weekend Night Out

Head To Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru PlaceMetro Station, Nehru Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 26281026

23. Smoke House Deli, Khan Market

Smoke House Deli

The quintessential deli experience at Smoke House Deli. Photo Courtesy Of: Smoke House Deli

Acclaimed for its vibrant European cuisine, Smoke House Deli along with a quintessential deli experience, also offers a range freshly tossed pizzas. The list of pizzas here is not extensive, but the thin-crusted pizza varieties offer an unique array of flavours that are a spread across a wide spectrum of tastes. 

What to have: Shd Margherita; Shrimp and Ball Pepper; Boss Style Spiced Tenderloin Pizza

Perfect for: Fine Dining

Head To 17, 1st Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 43562820

24. Diggin’, Anand Lok

Pizza at Diggin

Dig in to scrumptious pizzas at Diggin’. Photo Courtesy Of: Diggin

This quite quaint cafe is a perfect place for a quite meal with your partner or loved ones. Owned by Digvijay Singh, the cafe is sort of an extension of his personality- vivacious, charming, and preppy. If you’re here for a pizza date, the cafe won’t disappoint you. The whole wheat thin crusted pizzas arrive at your table with fresh aromas, chunks of cheese, and topped with fresh ingredients. 

What to have: Ham and Cheese, Porky Pizza, Chicken Loaded Pizza

Perfect for: Casual Meet Up, Coffee Chat

Head To Anand Lok Shopping Centre, Opposite Gargi College, Anand Lok, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33105376

25. Amici Cafe, Defence Colony

Amici Cafe

Relish The Beast pizza at Amici Cafe. Photo Courtesy Of: Amici Cafe

We live in a time where popcorn has gone gourmet, so gourmet pizza is still understandable. Credited as one of the best cafes in town, they are also the place to find the best pizzas in Delhi. At Amici, the pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven, which has specially been imported from Italy. The cafe offers a range of traditional Italian pizzas like Margherita, Napolitana, and The Beast (a spicy pizza laced with tangy sauce) amongst others, as well as a range of delicious gourmet pizzas. Try their signature Pepperoni Pizza, made with Italian pepperoni. Another good alternative is the BBQ Chicken Pizza that is crisp and cheesy. 

What to have: Oven Baked Rustic Pizza Strips, The Beast, Quattro Formaggi 

Perfect for: Sunday Brunch

Head To 011 45572001
Say Hello At8, Defence Colony Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

 26. Domino’s 

cheesy pizza

The cheesiest of cheesy pizzas, and budget friendly! | Photo Courtesy Of: Domino’s

The first restaurant to introduce pizza to us and ring the tunes of their innovative ads on our television sets, Dominos may be old, but not forgotten. Their name was synonymous with pizza for a long time until new-age Italian restaurants started slewing in large numbers. It is still the only brand you go for, as far as home delivery is concerned, and we all have encountered countless occasions when we didn’t have to pay for the pizza because the delivery was made later than 30 minutes. The Meat Lovers Pizza, with a cheese burst base filled with melting cheese is to go for with blind trust.

What to have: Chicken Overloaded, Meat Lovers

Perfect for: Home Delivery

Head To M-42, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 30806694

27. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Ring the bell before you leave at Pizza Hut. Photo Courtesy Of: Pizza Hut

When it comes to fast food joints, Pizza Hut still remains a popular option. Before Pizza Hut delivery existed, there were just these sit-down casual dining restaurants that served great deep dish pizzas—something that is always associated with the Pizza Hut brand image. They first opened doors in 1996 in Bangalore, and have 131 outlets ever since. They continue to serve the cheesiest pizzas and the surviving sit-down restaurants are perfect for any family outing when you don’t want to spend too much. They were also the first to introduce a crust stuffed with cheese and sausages.

What to have: Pork Pepperoni Pizza, Cheesy Pepper Fusilli, Exotica Pizza, Ultimate Chicken Pizza

Perfect for: Family Outing, Great Deals

Head To M-20, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Say Hello At011 33106269

So, the next time the pizza craving strikes, don’t waste time and just head to these above restaurants to find the best pizzas in Delhi.

Editor’s Note: All recommendations are based on reviews conducted by the EatTreat team, suggestions from food experts and audience polls.

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