India’s First Beer Marathon Is Coming & We Are Already Super Excited about It!

Beer Marathon in Haryana

Beer and healthy does not always go together. Drinking a lot of beer on a regular basis is not considered signs of a healthy lifestyle. However, with changing times, beer has made peace with our body and is now being used differently. With an aim to keep our body, mind and soul happy, Beer Yoga had surfaced sometime back in which a person practices yoga while drinking beer. Going a step further, people have come up with Beer Ultra 50K that happens to be a beer marathon, making its debut in India. Yes! There is a beer marathon in Haryana and we are going bonkers with excitement.

Beer Marathon In Haryana

Don’t know what a beer marathon is? When you combine running with beer, you get a beer marathon. Okay don’t judge me for this! Typically, a beer marathon is a type of marathon in which you have to drink beer before and after the run. The basic logic behind this marathon is to motivate people to finish the run by luring them with beers. Essentially, the more laps you take, the more beer you get to drink.

Beer Ultra 50K marathon will be held on 12 August 2018 on the hills of Aravali in Haryana. Beer Ultra and The Hell Race is organising this marathon jointly. The participants get to drink two pints of beer – one before the run and one after the running is completed.

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Difficulty Levels

Beer Ultra 50k marathon will have four different categories or difficulty levels – 1 mile, 10K, 30K and 50K. You can choose to run for only one mile to the maximum level of 50K. While a person running for one mile will have to complete a mile-loop, 10K runners will have to compete a loop of 10 Km. Similarly, 30K runners will have to run three loops of 10Km each and 50K runners should complete five loops of 10km each. You can also participate in the 50Km rely run with a team comprising of five member. This way, each member will have to run a loop of 10K.

If you marathon has excited the inner beer lover in you then you should book your tickets to this beer marathon. You can visit Beer Ultra 50K Facebook page to book the tickets.

Beer marathon in Haryana is your chance to experience something different yet fun. Start building your stamina today and participate in the first ever Beer Ultra 50K marathon this August.

Head ToNature Lover’s Farm, Aravali Retreat, Haryana
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When12 August 2018
Timings4 am – 11 am
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