India’s First Astro-Resort Is Only 5 Hours Away From Delhi & Here’s To A Starlit Weekend

Astro Resort At Sariska National Park

India’s only astro-resort and adventure camp, Astroport sits pretty near Sariska National Park. And well, if glamping is just something you’ve heard of and never tried, then this is a weekend that you must plan for. Starry skies and the milky way twinkling away, we can promise that this getaway at the astro resort at Sariska National Park will be memorable.So Check out the things to visit astroport sariska resort and tents.

Astro Resort At Sariska National Park

Astroport Sariska, claims to be an astronomy adventure camp that will make sure that you stay up and catch the beautiful skies full of little spots of light and colour. They will place you in swiss tents that are away from the pollution, light and noise of the city and allows for phenomenal photography. 

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What Can You Learn?

There will be a guide and educator to inform you about the constellations and you can gaze at the sky through the high quality telescopes, sky charts and other tools. Some of the classes you can sign up for will be about astrophotography, telescope making and zodiac

astroport sariska

Photo Courtesy Of: Astroport

And during the mornings, you can enjoy the beautiful wilderness, safari, wildlife photography, birdwatching, rock climbing and more. They prices might seem a bit steep with INR 13,000 a night with bathrooms and INR 5,400 for the pitchable tents. But they claim to be the second darkest spot in India for fabulous photography. And the lakes, temples and more around that area make for fun excursions!

What To Eat?

Their amenities include a dining hall that serve fresh produce and organic food only. And their swimming pool is under construction. 

Head ToASTROPORT- Tehla,Rajasthan,India 
Say Hello +91-9278767700 and reservations at
Pay  INR 5,400 per night
Explore Astroport


Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Astroport

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