Asian Haus Is Winning The Gourmet Delivery Scene With Their Pan-Asian Fare

Asian Haus

Talk about delicious Pan-Asian food at your doorstep with the most organised delivery service and packaging, and Asian Haus is sure to pop up in the conversation.

In A Nutshell

Asian Haus is changing how we usually go dine in a restaurant and giving us the same experience at home. Scrumptious meals, neat packaging, quick delivery and a meal to remember sums up Asian Haus for you.

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Raise A Toast To

To drink you’ve got soft drinks, lemonades and energy drinks which will go perfectly with your Asian palate.

On A Silver Platter

Asian Haus

Their dishes are truly a class apart and there’s no doubt that each of them is perfect for a second order. We recommend the Schezuan Spicy Chicken,  Hauz Chilli Fish with Cassie,  and the Firecracker Chicken for starters. For the main course, you’ve got to try the Cantonese Chicken,  Kung Pao Chicken,  Mama Mutton with Roti, Khao Suey and Thai Curry Box.  The best part was that the Thai Curry Box and Khao Suey were super well packed and easy to set up. No messed up tables and that really speaks volumes of their service.

Bitter Pill

We wish we could go check the fare out in a restaurant as well!

Food For Thought

So you need to host a party and you’re confused how to cook a meal for 20, perhaps 50, don’t worry.  Asian Haus has got it covered for you. Their large meals are going to suffice an entire week in case your guests don’t hog this. The best part? They deliver post 12 am too.  Say bye bye to midnight food cravings!

Call em at +91 9555800100 (12 noon-4 am), based in East of Kailash and DLF Phase 1. They deliver everywhere in Delhi,  Gurgaon and NCR. Also, they’ve recently launched Sushi Haus,  which offers Sushi of every kind and several platters at your doorstep.  

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Photos Courtesy Of: Asian Haus

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