Andrea’s Eatery: The Ultimate Traveller’s Haunt Is Making Its Way To Saket

Andrea's Eatery

Andrea’s Eatery, a modern European-style bistro is coming to Select CITYWALK, which will be plating world cuisine in a signature style. Coming from the founder of successful restaurants like Amici and Baci, Andrea’s Eatery has one thing we absolutely can’t wait to check out – travel-inspired food.

First Things First

The brainchild of  Andrea Pauro, who is a gourmand and an avid traveller, Andrea’s Eatery brings to life food that a traveller will love from European, Middle Eastern and South East Asian countries. The menu is giving us dishes that are grouped according to origins of the produce, placed in a travel journal highlighting ingredients and the stories around these dishes. 

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What Can You Expect

Slated to open sometime in mid-Dec, Andrea’s Eatery will showcase Sharing Platters full of yummy goodness, choices from the Greens and Orchard section, which features salads made with organic produce, indulgent Pasta Bowls, signature pizzas and mains inspired from the land, sea, dairy farm and vegetable garden.

The restaurant will also have a curated list of beverages inclusive of wine and beer. The eatery has a mural on one wall and will focus on well thought-out food.

Are you ready to get on this journey? Explore more here.


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